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Greek religion

No description

Zachary Acosta

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Greek religion

Greek religion
Religion code
There were too many gods for the Greek people to worship all at once so they worshipped the gods of their choosing. Usually the Greek people chose the gods that appealed to them such as an unmarried woman worships Artemis, wives worshipped Harra, and sailors favored Poseidon.
Capital crimes
Anyone who murdered a guest was subjected to capital punishment because the Greek people are supposed to offer hospitality to guests. If a body was not buried properly than the person is subjected to punishment because burials are sacred to the Greeks.
The bird of death
There is a certain bird to the Greek people that was supposed to bring death and misfortune. It is said that if one saw the bird than they were forshadowed to die soon or to have very bad misfortune.
Greek priests telling the future
A Greek priest is said to be able to determine the future future by using the organs of a deceased animal, and if the organs were healthy and good, then there was to be good fortune, but if the organs were corrupted amd rotten, the there was bad fortunes coming to the Greeks.
Greek sacrifices
The Greek sacrifices take place on an altar usually in a temple. Animals are sacrificed to please the gods and once the animal was sacrficed to the gods it was cooked and a huge feast was served.
The Oracle Delphi's seat
The Oracle Delphi sat in a sanctuary place on a three legged stool over a deep crack in the ground. The crack is very significant to the Oracle because fumes come from the crack and her prophecies are said to come from the fumes, amd after she has breathed them in she will give a prophecie
The Delphi Oracle
Pythia also known as the Delphi Oracle was the most influential forces in the ancient Greek world. The kings consuleted with the Oracle usually before going to war or making a big decison. The Oracle was said to have recieved her prophecies from Apollo the god of truth.
Greek worship
The Greek people did not use the temples to worship in, they worshipped in a special place because the temple was only built to honor the gods and make sacrifices to the gods. The gods are chosen by the people to worship.
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