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how to create an animated gif

No description

Pike Stewart

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of how to create an animated gif

Pike Stewart
Patrick Fitzgerald How to create an animated gif you need to go to properties and change your fps to two. Step one Step two draw your picture in sequence on every given keyframe Step three make sure the picture in the frames is lined up Step four Now go to file, then publish settings and change the settings to gif from html. Then you go to the gif tab and check the "loop continuously" button Step five To publish your gif, go to control, then test movie. Your gif should be published Step six Frames – The basic units of time used in Flash animation.

Timeline – The Flash panel at the top of the screen where you arrange, sequence, and set the timing if flash objects.

Keyframe – A frame in which you specify changes in the animation. Definitions Now you draw your picture extend your frames to the desired length of your gif by right clicking and inserting key frames every two frames on the timeline
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