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Learning about deadly animals and why they attack us

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Student Shelton

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Learning about deadly animals and why they attack us

Learning about deadly animals and why they attack us
Animals can get dangerous when defending their turf, or their young. Others think we are an easy meal. Others are just accidents.
Circus attacks: Circuses are one of the greatest examples of animal cruelty. Just for our enjoyment, animals have to suffer. Lions, tigers, panthers, bears, and elephants think," I have to do these same old boring tricks and have to suffer for their enjoyment? No fair." They attack. The results can be fatal. So, why even bother to keep animals in circuses?

The little can be the deadly is a great example that the little can be deadlier than the big. Mosquitoes, tsetse flies, fleas, ticks and speck of dust sized animals to rats and vampire bats. Fleas on rats spread the Bubonic plague. Rats themselves spread typhoid. Mosquitoes spread malaria, yellow fever, West Nile virus, dengue,etc.. Tsetse flies spread sleeping sickness. Vampire bats spread rabies. Assassin bugs spread Chagas disease. Combined, they kill millions of people.
Elephants are a great example of unpredictable animals. They kill 500 people a year. Most are when males are in musth season. Their aggression rate is 60% higher than normal. They attack everything they sense, even humans. Hippopotamuses kill 300 people a year. They are very territorial of their stretch of water because it's their key to survival. Cape buffalo kill more hunters in Africa than any other animal. About 200. They are voted most unpredictable.

Predatory killers. These are the ones that we think are the deadliest animals, right? Wrong. Lions, tigers, crocodiles
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