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No description

Dan Betters

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Dept./Agencies

Department of commerce Dan Betters
Period 3
Department of Commerce
cpsc ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Secretary Gary Locke Mission: Economic growth
Jobs and opportunites CUrrent events April 23 New Commerce Department Reports Lay Foundation for Measuring Green Economy, Carbon Dioxide Emissions April 21 Timeline 1903 Established 1932 Commerce HQ 1969 Office of Minority Business Enterprise 2006 Missing Laptops Director Kenneth E. Melson Mission: Criminals
Alcohol & Tobacco
Timeline 2003 Transferred 2009 "Small piece of American History" CPSC - Consumer Product safety commission Chairman Inez Moore Tenenbaum Mission: Safety of consumer's products
Hazards to children
30% Decline CUrrent events February Tobacco on the Black Market April 22 ATF LOS ANGELES HOSTS CITIZENS ACADEMY CUrrent events April 2010 Recalls April 2010 Recalls Batteries Children Hoodies Timeline 1972 Established 1998 Recall of 10,000 1999 Highest penaly paid by a Fireworks Co. 2001 Ceramic Tea Kettle Recall 2008 CPSIA 1968 ATF 1972 Separate Bureau
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