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Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland

No description

Juan Carlos Martinez Lopez

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland

Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland
Basic Assumptions
The look:
Good looking mostly white females and males in their early twenties
Average height
Below average weight
Clean, natural & polished
Uniform public appearance
Few, representative minorities
Three Levels of Culture
Feeling Business
Espoused values
Disneyland is the self-proclaimed


on the

"You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
- Walt Disney
The product of Disneyland is emotion:
"laughter and well being".
1. Artifacts
Visible and feelable structures and processes
Observed behaviour
2. Espoused Values
Ideas, goals, values, aspirations
3. Basic Assumptions
Unconscious, taken for granted beliefs and values.(determine behaviour, perception, thought and feeling)

What is the factor of smile?
The company background
Share price:67.15$
Disney park
Total asset 3.387 Billions$

The spiritual level
The core concern
The rule:"Once a sweeper,always a sweeper."
Movement across jobs doesn't occur in the park management in Disney.
It means all of the corporate staffs have the common view of internal and external environment of enterprise in the long-term work experience.
It includes the common acknowledged assumptions
The rule:"Customer is King."
The manager in the park think everyone is a child at heart when at Disneyland.
The employees are told repeatedly that if they are happy and cheerful at work.
Employee demeanor is governed by three aspects: Smile Friendly Good-mannered
How they realize about the Disney culture?
Beginning of the work

Long-time working
doing being

job relationship

materialist spiritualist

socialization intensive
individual serial
closed sort

The rule:"The Goffmanesque"
The feeling:
Disneyland - the most happiest place in the world
Laughter & well being everywhere
The Surface of the Culture
Not showing real feelings of employees
Easy to change or influence
Very important for Disney's business
Disney manegement has a strict and complicated social hierarchy.
safety, courtesy, performance and efficiency

For examples:
1. Social attributes and standard
same clothes; same smell; same service
2. University of Disneyland
share experience; training ; language
3.Monitor and Control
villains—supervisors and co-workers

Analyze Disney’s organization culture in three levels of culture.

They are artifacts,espoused value and basic assumptions.

Creativity, imagination and dreams come true
It's the way of finding social identifiers in Disney
Disney language
There are no rides at Disneyland, only "attractions"

Disney itself is a "Park", not amusement center

There is no accidents, only incidents in Disney

Employees are convinced that they are happy at work

To maintain positive perception on all levels of culture:

1. Socialization- incoming identities are set aside while employees are trained in the use of new identities of situational sort.

2. Work culture- Giving least possibilities of experiments to ride operators.

3. Emotional management- aside training, it involves strong self-monitoring skills of employees.

4. Strong hierarchical structure.

Such a highly defined and excepted work roles, helped Disney company to create worldwide famous Disney culture of "Smile Factory"
Hu Siyuan
Leonie Gatermann
Kristina Huseynova
Saba Jimsheleishvili
Han Yilin
Fu Chaoqun
Juan Carlos Martinez
Espoused Values
Basic Assumptions
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