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AAD 565, Unit 4: McDonalds or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse: When is a meal an experience?

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UK Arts Administration

on 26 November 2018

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Transcript of AAD 565, Unit 4: McDonalds or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse: When is a meal an experience?

Unit 4:
McDonalds or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse: When is a meal an experience?
1. Eating Out: How do people engage?
2. Visitor experience and audience development
3. Patron expectations
4. Values: What do people expect from the experience of eating out?
Why we eat out.
Cultural events and entertainment
Types of restaurants
Fast food and drive thru’s
Pubs, grills, family restaurants
Here are a few examples that are considered ‘Direct from the restaurant’
Free samples
Next are some in Indirect promotion
Social media outlets
Media/blog reviews
Friend recommendations
6. The impact of expectations
5. Primary attendee vs. secondary attendee
7. How are arts organizations like restaurants?
1. The act or state of expecting or the state of being expected
2. Something looked forward to, whether feared or hoped for: we have great expectations for his future; their worst expectations
3. An attitude of expectancy or hope; anticipation: to regard something with expectation
4. Statistics
The numerical probability that an event will occur
Another term for expected value
Primary attendee
Secondary attendee
we'll compare restaurants to arts organizations
Fine dining
there are many more....
Ways people choose a restaurant
Go out on a date; spend time with friends
Celebrate a special event
Just need to eat; feeling hungry
Have food while also watching a sporting event or live music
Experience something new
In a hurry (drive thru or home delivery)
Want to eat somewhere familiar with kids (a favorite go-to place)
The definition of....
Primary attendee: Mandy
Secondary attendee: Brandon
Primary attendee: Brandon
Secondary attendee: Mandy
Primary attendee: Could both Mark and Jim be both the primary and/or secondary attendees?
- Is Melissa the primary attendee because she chose the restaurant out of being inclined to please her boyfriend?
- Is Randy the primary person because he loves seafood?
Who is the primary? secondary?
Expectations and values make it complex.
When would someone order a hamburger off the menu of a Chinese restaurant? And why is it on the menu in the first place?
How many restaurants offer a kid’s menu?
Why do some restaurants offer vegetarian sections or a la carte menus?
How do people engage with arts organizations? Do they make similar choices to attend an event as they do to dine out?

How do arts organizations engage with or attract their potential customers? Do they advertise similarly? Is word-of-mouth of similar importance?

Are patron expectations different for arts-organization programs (i.e., concerts, exhibitions) than for restaurant meals?

Do people value arts organizations and their programs similarly to restaurants and their menus?

How is the impact of expectations the same or different with arts organizations than with restaurants?
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