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Outliers - Chapter 9 (KIPP Academy)

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Alexandra Granger

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Outliers - Chapter 9 (KIPP Academy)

KIPP Academy Notes - Students were chosen by lottery
- 90 percent qualify for free or reduced lunch
- KIPP Academy is a good middle school
- KIPP is an organization that has succeeded by taking the cultural legacies seriously
- The schools were closed in the spring and fall but was open all summer long because they would help with planting and harvesting seasons.
- Agriculture affects the learning patterns of students, even today
- Alexander tracked the progress of 650 first graders from Baltimore public school district, looking at how they would score on the math and reading skills exams called the California Achievement Test. KIPP Academy Notes - The achievement gap is a phenomenon which works with disadvantaged kids because they do not have the same ability to learn as children from privileged backgrounds.
- Our schools are failing children because they simply do not have good enough jobs for teaching them the skills they need.
- Cultures that believe in rising to success is 360 days a year so they will give their students 3 months straight of summer.
- The United States has about 180 days long.
- They have an hour of every subject but math
- 50 to 60 percent more learning time is what KIPP students do Alexandra Granger
Marvin Florez Outliers - Chapter 9
(KIIP Academy) KIPP Academy Notes - Baltimore was poorer than poor
- When the poor kids come back from the holidays, their score has dropped almost 6 points
- Poor children learn nothing when school is not in session when it comes to reading skills
- The normal time they wake up is at 5:45
- KIPP helps children who are stuck in poverty and give them a chance to get out.
- 90 percent of KIPP students get scholarships to private high schools
- 80 percent of KIPP students will go onto college KIPP Academy Notes - It's not the brightest who succeed or the decision or efforts you put into it. It is the gift of opportunity because they have strength and perseverance of mind to seize them.
- Middle class out-learn the lower and higher class
- There were no entrance exams or admission requirements
- They had to say Smile, Sit up, Listen, Ask questions, Nod, & Track your eyes
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