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Graphic Poetry Project

No description

Minji Kim

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Graphic Poetry Project

presented by Minji Kim Graphic Poetry Project The Woman I Am in My Dreams Now I See You Reach Out and Touch Who is 3 poems by Maxine Tynes Maxine Tynes (1949- 2011) :
a celebrated African- Canadian poet
born in
one of 12 children
her surroundings & living in Black community influence her poetry
- deals with

- also about race/ gender/ body image/ coping with disabilities love/ hopes & dreams/ family

a highschool English teacher ! a writer * performer of CBC radio and.. Remarkable Work
by Maxine Tynes The Woman I Am in My Dreams The woman I am in my dreams
is taller than I am
and sees the world as she walks
unlike me with eyes on every step
with eyes ever and always on the ground
that woman walks only when
she feels like not running
not jogging

the woman I am in my dreams
lifts one leg effortlessly over the other
crosses them
high up on the knee
the hip
the thigh
not just at the ankle like I do. The woman I am in my dreams
breaks all the rules about shoes
wears them high and red
with killer spike heels
moves from Nikes to spikes
and the kind of pumps
that go with a dress
and having your hair done.

The woman I am in my dreams
her legs are straight and sure
they don't fly out from under her
they don't hide under long skirts
her legs and feet are well
they speak for her in footsteps on the road
they laugh at hills and
at rolling, unforgiving gravel
they dialogue with ice and snow
and they always win that argument

the woman I am in my dreams
I wake up and carry part of her
with me everywhere. Narrator Dream self Herself Confident
Elegant Lack of confidence
Short Literary Devices Personification Reptition Imagery Writing Style
-Dramatic Monologue : a speech or talk
given by a single speaker underlined & labeled
(Repetition, Contrast, Imagery, Personification, ) Now I See You Polio at the age of 4
-paralyzed from hip
to feet
physical challenges When did I start looking at you, my mother?
I don't know;
but often, it's your hands I'll watch
all brown, and bumpy-smooth
those same hands that
held and cradled me,
in my new life.
I look at your nose,
so high and strong, for a Black woman;
the same nose of
some noble African tribe. But where? Where?
I look at your eyes.
They've seen so much. So much.
You'll never tell me.
The hardest look of all
was the one I took of you sleeping.
and, missing my dad, still;
you lie with pillows piled high
and nestled close beside you, in sleep. Turning point Literary Devices

Writing Style & Form Imagery
Alliteration Dramatic monologue
using "I" (first person)
making questions that cannot be answered simply with yes or no and desiring to know more
line 1-2 / line 10-11 Imagery Alliteration Reach Out and Touch
reach out
and touch the curly electric of my hair
your fingers dipped in the
brown skin magic of my neck
to see if it comes off
your mama
slapping hands away
hush­up of your questions
and wondering out loud
why it doesn't come off.
I turn and smile for you
but you're already lost
in the silence and fear that motherlove wraps you in.
I should have sat beside you
snuggled my big warm self up close
held you while your mama juggled parcels.
then you would know it's o.k. Literary Devices

Writing Analysis Alliteration
Irony Alliteration 1 11 2 never seen a black woman
innocence -> revealed asking
why it's not coming out
mama- segregation Irony a mother's love: to care her children
with love and affection <--> slapping her kid Graphic Poetry Project

can learn about ourselves & others by taking time to and look, consider, experience, dream. Thank You for Listening ! :) Minji Kim "The Woman I Am in My Dreams" "Now I See You"
"Reach Out and Touch" Dartmouth, Nova Scotia The Door Of
My Heart (1993) 1988; the Milton Acorn People’s Poet Award
1974; Dalhousie’s Dennis Memorial Poetry Prize Maxine's another career When did I start looking at you, my mother?
I don't know;
the same nose of
some noble African tribe. But where? Where? 10 baby girl, baby boy behind me on the bus Imagery Maxine Tynes Contrast Ada Tynes A collection of works Awards Borrowed Beauty (1987) Woman Talking Woman (1990) Save The World For Me (1991) Portrait Rights
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