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The Role of Women During the Civil War

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Julia D'Amico

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of The Role of Women During the Civil War

The Role of Women During the Civil War
There was estimated between 3,000 and 8,000 women who volunteered to be a nurse.
Most nurses who volunteered were from the North.
Jobs for Nurses:
The first job for the nurse was to make sure all patients were fed the correct diet and to manage all physical needs. Such as distribution of blankets and clothing. Another thing the nurses had to do was emotional care. They would have daily conversations and read-write letters to them. It was believed that the presence of a women being around the soldiers represented to them a mother, daughter or sister feeling, having not seen women in months.
During The Civil War women played the roles of spies, to collect information. It was said that the best way to get information was from the least expected. Some of the women would dress as men and join the army posed as slaves or just keeping an open ear as soldiers. During The Civil War most of the critical information was provided by women spies.
It was a women who gave the Union battle plans to the Confederate Army which allowed them to win the First Battle of Bull Run.
Maintenance of the home
Women who took maintenance to the home also took jobs such as a factory worker, clerks and school teachers to earn money for their families.
The women would try to teach, take care of and earn money for their families to support them while the husbands were away.
At the age of 17, Isabella Marie Boyd became a Confederate spy. It was believed that a Union soldier learned information about Isabella having a Confederate flag in her room and went in to investigate. When the solider went to investigate he tore apart her room and cursed at her mother. This made her enraged with anger and her pulling out a pistol and shooting the man, it was said that was the moment she realized she wanted to defend the South.
Women who were involved with the war worked with each other. Isabella and Dorothea Dix worked hand in hand along with Clara Barton, another nurse who later became one of the founders of the Red Cross, working as a Nurse and Soldier.
Dorothea Dix
Isabella Boyd
With the help of many women throughout the war, the North won. It was not only the men who participated in the war. The women had big roles, such as nurses, spies and women who maintained the home. Many women on both sides fought for what they believed in and all women on each side came together to support they others fighting. Clara Barton couldn't do more to help then start her own organization to help people across America, which today still exist.
Harriet Tubman, an example of a cook, nurse and spy fought for what she believed in and freed not only herself but many others. Last but not least the maintenance of the home was kept by the worrying women who fought for independence while the men were away. Later to be believed that it was the first start in womens rights.
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Civil War Video
Clara Barton was a major nurse during this time. She would bring supplies such as food, clothing and other medical supplies to help any relief stations that were set in place. During the Civil War there was said to be about 150 hospitals in the country and men ran them. The men believed that women were to fragile leaving the women to help on the battle field tending to the needs of the soldiers. Clara Barton later was the founder of the American Red Cross and would help people around the country., Clara helped as much as possible and to this day there is still the American Red Cross helping people. Dorothea Dix was another nurse who was important during the Civil War, she and other women started a march to try to convince the government to recognize their will to help the sick. The women wanted a better medical field but the government later denied it so they worked with what they had.
Women who choose the job of maintaining the home were mostly from the south. Women would take care of the families and property they had.Many women enjoyed the change of pace.
Women now were able to get out and do jobs they never had before, working in the fields, planting and being more national involved since all the husbands and sons were at war.
Harriet Tubman was a slave during the Civil War who used the Underground Railroad to rescue slaves from their fate. Tubman is known today for leading more then 300 people to freedom including her parents. Using the Underground Railroad she risked her life going back and forth trying to save others lives. Tubman worked closely with Col. James Montgomery to free slaves from plantations. While working together they freed over 750 slaves by traveling by waterways and past mines with gunboats, bringing several hundred rescued slaves with them who were then in the army.
Tubman was said to be the first women to lead the military in a night raid.
Julia D'Amico
Many women during the Civil War were forgotten. Men and women alike were a huge part of the Civil War and this presentation will explain what roles the women had and the battles they fought along side the men. The three major roles I will be focusing on are nurses, spies and women who maintained the home. Many lives were turned upside down and changed but everyone on each side worked together and fought for what they believed in.
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