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Evaluation Question 3 - How Effective is the Combination of

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James Hunter

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 3 - How Effective is the Combination of

Evaluation Question 2 - How Effective is the Combination of Your Main Product and Ancillary Tasks?
Do They Look Like What They're Supposed To?
I think that my music video looks better than what I had initially pictured in my head because all of the narrative is spaced out across the song and video until after the second chorus, whereas I visioned it as the first half being filled with the whole narrative and a little bit of performance. I think it would be a video that would be seen on a music channel such as Scuzz or Kerrang! because of the genre it is in and the way the video is set out and the theme of the video itself. I also think it would be on this type of music channel because of my target audience. My target audience is in the 15-18 age range and this age range is popular with these channels

As for my digipak, I think it would be seen in stores such as HMV and in online stores such as hottopic and amazon. This is because they have many types of genre including; pop, punk, metal, rock, etc. The looks of my digipak are what I had thought of since the beginning of the ancillary tasks. It was my first idea that I had come up with for the front cover so I stuck with it and with the feedback I got from the class, it turned out that they liked the first idea for my front cover the best.

The magazine advert I made I feel that it should be in magazines such as Kerrang, RockSound and GuitarWorld because those magazines cover the genre I have done which is Hard Rock / Glam Metal. The thing about this kind of magazine, is that the adverts dont always have an image of the band in the adverts, so I have done mine without an image as well to be slightly different.
Does Your Work Resemble Real Media Products?
I feel that my work does resemble real media products, because the video has a general stroyline which people in the genre can relate to. The video also includes a variety of camera shots and angles, to create more movement in the video in general. The performance parts of my video are in time with the track and is played well by all members of the band. I also think that my digipak resembles a real media product because it has the same colour themes as some of the digipaks within the genre I am doing. I was creative in making it look like a real media product because i used an existing label and made it my own using photoshop. I think that my magazine advert for my digipak also looks like a real media product because I have used brand identity using the same artwork on the advert that I had used on my digipak.
Do They Look Like They Are All Part Of The Same Product?
I feel that my music video, digipak and magazine advert look like they are all part of the same product because on the inside of the digipak there are pictures of the band where the lyrics are and where the CD goes, there is a larger image of the vocalist, and this relates the digipak to the music video. The magazine advert links with the digipak because the artwork is the same on the front of the CD cover and I have also used the same font in both the advert and the digipak. Brand identity is useful because it gives the artist a particular image that they are known by. The same geos with album covers in a way as the album artwork is usually the same on a promotional magazine advert.
Do The Colours/Images/Text/Locations/Actors/Props Effectively Represent The Genre?
Colours - I think that the colours I have used in my products represent the genre well, because in the narrative of my music video, the colours are black and white. B/W videos in this genre usually mean that someone (in my case, its the vocalist) is going through a rough patch and doesn't know what to do.
Images - I think that the images I have used in my products represent the genre effectivet, because on the inside of the digipak, I have used a shot of the vocalist with his head in his hands in a pose like he's thinking "I don't know what to do" and "I'm so bored". I have also used images of the performance on the inside of the digipak to show shots from the video.
Text - I think that the text that is used in my products represent the genre quite well because it is the same font as what Black Veil Brides use and seeing as though I am using one of their songs, i t brand identity into account so it is easily referable to the band itself.
Locations - I think that the locations used in the video reflect the genre because some videos within the genre use street scenes like I did and then performance in a building like Bullet For My Valentine's video for Riot does.
Actors - I feel that the actors in my music video do represent the genre slightly, because although the guitarist and vocalist were wearing all black like most bands in the genre do, the bassist and drummer don't. I think the vocalist d a really good job as he had to look sad on cue which for some people is really hard. the musicians did a good job as well, playing the song well and in time with the beat.
Props - I think the props in the music video represent the genre well because the guitars were black like most stringed instruments within the genre.
Conclusion - How Effective Are The Video and Ancillary Tasks Together?
I feel that my main product and ancillary tasks link well together because I have taken the single lyric of whiskey, and used it within the video and the ancillary tasks. In the video I had the vocalist drinkng it and I used a well known whiskey brand logo in the advert and front ofthe digipak. I have kept to the generic conventions of the main product and the ancillary tasks, by using black and white throughout them both to create a feeling of sadness in the video and to make the text stand out in the advery and the digipak.
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