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Copy On Policies + Personnel

Working with others and getting the principal excited about your program.

Carol Thomas

on 19 March 2010

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Transcript of Copy On Policies + Personnel

Inside Sales Internal Manufacturer Point Person What is the flow of information through the organiztion? Map out each process to see where you can increase productivity and eliminate redundancies.
Do you have
Microsoft Server? Assign each manufacturer a point person to manage all information for that manufacturer. Have incoming general emails from the manufacturer go to that person to disseminate throughout the organization. That person is also responsible for filing it in Sharepoint. It is the point person's responsibility to make sure information is current on Sharepoint for that manufacturer. Information is loaded, Now What? Increasing Productivity Through A Paperless Office Sales Report Presentation
Library Pricing
Parameters IMAGINE an office with no
racks of catalogs…no stacks of price sheets...the same information available to every salesperson, inside or outside...
What would this look like? How can it be managed? How much is this going to cost???
Where do we start?
All in One Printer Scanner for Around $300
Fax Program - One server can accomodate multiple lines
Integration into Communcation Package (i.e., Outlook)
Internet Based Solutions with 800 number capabilities for incoming

. . . Solutions depend on the goals of your organization

The first piece of equipment you may want to consider getting rid of is . . . Here's what we determined that we need:
By manufacturer, we need Pricing, Catalogs, Forms, Procedures, Product Info, Promotions, and Reports. By standardizing the libraries, we expect a shorter learning curve for finding information. These libraries should contain only the most current information to enable everyone to quickly and easily meet our customers' needs. Whichever technology you choose, have the faxes go to a centralized location via email as a pdf file and have them routed from that email box on a regular basis. Now let's actually take a live look at the system and a test set-up. Consideration needs to be given to how this can increase productivity not only from an inside sales perspective but also how you can utilize it for your team on the road. Consider who is the ideal group of people to manage the Sharepoint Library. Who are these key members? Now that we have documents in an electric form from faxing what is next . . . . . . A high speed copier/scanner. Once the information is loaded into the system, a plan needs to be in place as to how to maintain this system. Like catalogs at our customers, outdated information is dangerous. If you are a smaller company who does not have the time to spend on this, consider investing in a service that will do it for you. There are companies whose primary business is offering solutions such as document management setup with Sharepoint. Depending on the complexity of the system, pricing for this service could be as minimal as $3,500 but each job is unique.
Setup of the system is very similar to using a wizard to set up a webpage. If you are familiar with how to make frames and hyperlinks it will not be difficult but will take a large amount of time. Most Microsoft Server Software includes a document management program called Sharepoint Services. It is an out of the box, easy to use web-based solution. Pre-planning the file structure is highly recommended and should be done prior to loading information into the system. What next after you have everything in electric form. Do I have to buy a lot of expensive software for a document management system? Time invested in preparing presentations can be cut dramatically by reusing manufacturer's presentations, as well as presentations created by others within your organization. By simply personalizing, reusing slides and/or hiding slides a library is created for all to utilize. Why recreate the wheel? List prices are great but most customers want to know what "their" price is. Incorporating discount schedules and net price sheets into your pricing library keeps individualized pricing at everyone's fingertips and helps meet that goal of completing "One Call" Paperless "delivery" of sales reports to the outside salesperson is accomplished through pdf files on the intranet. Customized permissions assure confidentiality. Our intranet offers us a structured resource to share this information. When I was hired as an inside sales person 5 years ago, the training process was complicated and confusing. I would leave at the end of the day with my head pounding, trying to keep everyone's different "tips" straight. I wasn't even really sure what my job entails or how to handle simple calls..
The Intranet has made finding pricing, procedures, and even customers so much easier .... Suzanne
The goal is to get the majority of your documents to an electronic form. You should ask manufacturers to send pdf versions of their catalogs in preparation of a paperless office. You can not go completely paperless and still keep one of these . . . Training Some processes you may want to consider starting with:

How an order is processed from the point of entry into your organization to the shipping of the product?

How do you manage your documents (i.e., filing, sharing, editing, retrieving, etc)?

Before you invest money,
use what you got! There are many technologies to consider to replace the old fax machine How do you send a specification to a customer?
How does your sales team modify a shared document?
How are procedures and presentations shared?
How is quoting handled and filed? What is the flow of information through the organization? Map out each process to see where you can increase productivity and eliminate redundancies. Our goal was to minimize the amount of time and calls it took our inside sales personnel to take care of a request by our customer. Ultimate success was to answer and provide information requested during one call.
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