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Time Travel Presentation

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Alison Kim

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Time Travel Presentation

What is Time Travel?
Herbert George Wells
Herbert George Wells- (9/21/1866- 8/13/1946). a prolific English writer who wrote the best selling science fiction novel, The Time Machine (1895). He is credited in the popularization of the concept of time travel.
H.G. Wells and Time Travel
The book, The Time Machine (by H.G. Wells) , is about an English scientist who has successfully made a time machine, and goes to the future of 802,701 AD, and meets humanoid creatures called Eloi.
How Time Travel Works
Time Travel
Does Time Change Speed?
Gravitational Time Dilation
Evidence of GTD
Space-Time Continuum
Time Travel: Into the Future, Into the Past
Probability of Time Travel
Time Machines?

Review Questions
The End!
Review Question Answers
Gravitational Time Dilation- (GTD) is a type of time dilation that states that the higher gravitational potenital (the faster you move), the slower time runs.

In one experiment, using the most accurate atomic clocks, experimenters show that clocks run faster when they are raised just 12 inches higher.
For example: An atomic clock at Mt. Everest will run faster than an atomic clock at the Dead Sea.
(atomic clocks- the most accurate clock on Earth, can measure time to billionth of a second, and can be accurate within a second over 3.7 billion yeasrs)
Space-Time Continuum- (broad) any scientific model that combines space and time into a single conituum.
The space time of our universe states that time cannot exist without space and space cannot exist without time. Space is said to have three dimensions (left and right, backward and forwards, and up and down), and time being the "fourth deminsion".
Time Machine- an insturment that would supposedly make you travel through to where ever you want (into the past or the future) and come back to your orginally state in time.
1. What are the four deminsions of space?
2. Who is the author of the book, The Time Machine, that popularized the concept of time travel?
3. What is Gravitational Time Dilation?
1. Left and right, backwards and forwards, up and down, and time.
2. Herbert George Wells
3. The concept that the farther you are away from gravity, th faster time gets.
One reasonable way of traveling through time would be going to an area in space where time would travel much slower or faster, then returning to Earth.
You can use the concept of Gravitational Time Dilation to find areas which time runs faster/slower than Earth.
Yes! Time does change speed. Why? This is because of Gravitational Time Dilation. More speed is equal to slower time, so therefore speed does make a difference time.
-Present time: probably very unlikely, but when we are able to travel out of our sloar system, and even our galaxy, then there might be a chance that we can travel through time because the farther we can travel, the more things that can help us travel thorugh time.
Future: Traveling into the future is more reasonable right now then the past. This is because Gravitational Time Dilation, time will go faster in space

Past: Scientist has not found much about going to the past. According to Einstein's theory of Relativity, time only travels forwards.
Time Travel- the concept of moving through different points in time usually through space.

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