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06.04 Food in Hispanic Cultures Writing Assignment

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kamarii patterson

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of 06.04 Food in Hispanic Cultures Writing Assignment

06.04 Food in Hispanic Cultures Writing Assignment
Meals in the U.S.
Breakfast ~ is around the times 7am-11am the meal thats is eaten around that time is ; eggs, bacon, and pancakes with milk or orange juice on the side as a drink. people are sometime in a rush to go to school or work so they might just have; cereal, tea or coffee.
Lunch ~ is around the times 12pm-3pm this is a light meat that is a sandwhich, a hot dog , and salad with a drink on the side.
Snack~ this snack is eaten between 4pm-6pm you may eat ; fruit, yogurt, chips, or just have a drink of water.
Dinner~ is around the times 7pm or 9pm and this is the main meal of the whole day you might have rice , chicken, vegetables with a drink or soup.
meals in hispanic cultures
breakfast ~ started the morning with breakfast, consisting of coffee or chocolate with arepas, eggs and juice.
meals in both
breakfast~ around the same times and both have eggs and juice.
snack ~ after breakfast they eat something light called averages nine consisting of a snack.
lunch ~ Lunch is the main meal of the day and consists of soup, main course and a drink.
snack ~ After lunch and before dinner we have the onces that is where we drink tea and eat another snack.
dinner~ the evening we have dinner. Eat something light, like a salad and bread with cheese .

they both have breakfast , lunch and dinner with snacks inbetween those times.
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