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New England Colonies

No description

Fady Helmy

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of New England Colonies

New England Colonies
New England Economy
New England colony has a harsh climate and rocky soil.
Religion and government in New England
New England Colony, A colony in the east of the middle passage. It is a colony that is in control by England as its name say so. This colony had exiled people because of religion. We will now see how the New England was. So please listen.
Fishing became one of the region's leading industries. New England's coast served as a home to many fish including
Cod, Mackerel and
Public Education
Higher Education
How the Puritans found Massachusetts bay
People who migrated
to New England colonies and why
How was the New England colonies founded
The new England is a perfect place. But when religion is being offended, Its not a perfect place. New England colonies has lots of stuff there. Theres Merchants fisher men, shipbuilding people, craftspeople, and high and low education. New England has lots of things which supply its. New England was soon removed because there has been to much wars.
New England houses were a single story house of one or two rooms built of hewn or sawed lumber.
Shipbuilding was an important industry because the area had forests that provided materials for shipbuilding.
The Anglican Church
Roger Williams
Thomas Hooker
The puritan colonists turned the general court that helped to run the Massachusetts Colony into a type of self-government to represent the needs of the people.
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