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Why College?

Why I Love College, by Your Brain

Sarah Henderson

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Why College?

Why College?
Why I Love College
by, Your Brain

Why Bother?
Job Security
Savings for Society
For every female high-school student who goes on to attend college, society saves $48,600 over her lifetime.
Better Health
Between 1998 and 2008, the smoking rate declined from 14 percent to 9 percent among college grads, while the rate for high school grads barely dropped, from 29 percent to 27 percent.
*according to a report from the College Board
*according to a report from the College Board
Those who have a bachelor’s degree or higher live about 9 years longer than those who don’t graduate from high school.
"This makes the period when a brain area lays down myelin a sort of crucial period of learning—the wiring is getting upgraded, but once that's done, it's harder to change."
Douglas Fields, NIH neuroscientist
Some brain-scan studies suggest that our brains react to peer exclusion much as they respond to threats to physical health or food supply.
At a neural level, we perceive social rejection as a threat to existence.
Scientists looked at the effects of isolating adult mice on both forebrain myelination and depression-like behaviors.
They found that, social isolation, though it does not cause the loss of existing myelin, slows down the formation of new myelin so that animals who are isolated for a period of time ultimately have less myelin than normal.
For every African-American male who goes on to finish college instead of dropping out of high school, society saves $294,000.
College graduates pay around 80 percent more in taxes each year than the typical high school graduate.
Alexander Graham Bell - Invented the basic ideas of the telephone at 18
George Westinghouse - 1st patent for a rotary steam engine at 19
Igor Sikorsky - The first helicopter at 19
Guglielmo Marconi - Built the first radio at 19
Thomas Edison - First patent at 22
Mark Zuckerberg - Created Facebook at 20
Steve Jobs - Founded Apple at 21 (Co-founder Steve Wozniak was only 26)
Bill Gates - Wrote BASIC at 20, founded Microsoft at 21
Paul Allen - founded Microsoft with Bill Gates at 23
Evan Sharp & Ben Silbermann - Created Pinterest at 29
Daniel Ek - Created Spotify at 23
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger (Instagram) - Both 27
Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google) - Founded Google at 24 and 23
Mary Shelley - Wrote Frankenstein at 19
Helen Keller - Wrote her autobiography at 22
Alexander Pope - Published Pastorals at 21
S.E. Hinton - Published The Outsiders at 18
William Cullen Bryant - Wrote “Thanatopsis” around 20
Bret Easton Ellis - Published his first novel at 21
Stephen Crane - First article published at 18
Young Adult Contributions to Society

The brain's reward system becomes highly active right around the time of puberty and then gradually goes back to an adult level, which it reaches around age 25 and that makes adolescents and young adults more interested in entering uncertain situations.
- Neuroscientist, Sandra Aamodt

The top 10 causes of death in young people are all preventable circumstances relating to judgment.

The fact that the brain stays unfinished during early adulthood "is the best thing that ever happened to humans" because it allows us to adapt to changing environments, says Neuroscientist Jay Giedd. "We can figure out what kind of world we live in and what we need to be really good at."
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