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Existentialism: Orr

No description

Katie Houser

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Existentialism: Orr

Crab Apples
“When I was a kid, I used to walk around all day with crab apples in my cheeks. One in each cheek... When I couldn't get crab apples, I walked around with horse chestnuts. In my cheeks."
Orr's Prostitute
"Because he was paying her to, that's why! But she wouldn't hit him hard enough, so he had to row to Sweden" (450).
Orr's Escape to Sweden
Connection To Existentialism
Existentialism: Orr
"Do you remember that time in Rome when that girl who can’t stand you kept hitting me over the head with the heel of her shoe? Do you want to know why she was hitting me?"

Yossarian & Orr's Tent
"Man is nothing else than his plan” -Satre
"Orr planned it that way. He planned it that way from the beginning. He even practiced getting shot down" (449).
"I'm trying to tell you why that big girl with the shoe was hitting me on the head that day. But you just won't let me" (316).
By Jacky Davis
& Katie Houser
"Each time Yossarian returned from one of his holidays in the hospital or rest leaves in Rome, he was surprised by some new comfort Orr had installed in his absence—running water, wood-burning fireplace, cement floor" (17).
“Survey all their strength and weaknesses and then fit them into an artistic plan" -Nietzche
“He is also only what he wills himself to do after this thrust towards existence”-Satre
“To give style to one’s character”-Nietzche
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