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Ancient Gods & Goddesses

No description

Tilby Bumpkin

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Gods & Goddesses

Nine-story palace made out of jade
Lake of Jewels
Surrounding gold wall over a thousand miles long
Men in right wing
Women in left wing
Has a garden where she grows peaches
Ripens every 3,000 years
All gods and goddesses are invited to a feast where the peaches are for dessert
Yaochi Jinmu
Goddess of life & immortality
Emobdiment of Yin
Married to Mu Gong (embodiment of Yang)
Daughter of Yu-hauanng
Ruler of female transcendents
Portrayed as a young beautiful woman riding a peacock
Quinquatria (March 19-23)
Temple Minerva Medica & Delubrum Minervae (Santa Maria sopra Minerva)
Image on the Medal of Honor
Seal of California
Menrva or Menrfa
Holy Triad with Tinina and Uni
The three could wield thunderbolts
Often shown with wings and a spear
Helped Hercle (Herakles) during his second labor
Not a virgin goddess: Maris or triplets
Virgin goddess of wisdom, arts & crafts, medicine, and war
Roman equal of Greek goddess Athena
Daughter of Jupiter and Wisdom
Owl of Minerva
Part of Capitoline Triad with Jupiter and Juno
Early or Archaic Triad: Jupiter Mars, Quirinus
Dii Consentes: 6 major gods, 6 major goddesses
Goddess of destruction and war
Solar deity
Created by the fire in Re's eye as a weapon of vengeance on mankind
Ra could not stop her wrath so he tricked her into getting drunk
Turned into Hathor, goddess of love
Ancient Gods & Goddesses
By: Laurel Ledford
Xi Wang-mu
Zhou Dynasty
Ferocious goddess with teeth of a tiger
Managed the Wall of Heaven
Ruler of Western paradise and goddess of immortality
Also Hunab Ku
Yucatec Mayan symbol meaning "The Only God"
Often referred to the Christian god
Similar to Yin and Yang sybmol
Had no form because he was so divine and spiritual
Symbol became known after the Spainards conquest around 1500 AD
Similar to Aztec god Ometeotl
Created three worlds
Destroyed first two with floods that poured out of the mouth of a sky serpent.
Hunabku 101
Sekhmet 101
Ashworth, Leon. Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Rome. North Mankato: Smart Apple Media, 2003. 23. Print.
Minerva 101
More Minerva
Taming the Beast
Every year, festivals are held to please Sekhmet
Priestesses performed rituals in front of several figures of the goddess every day of the year.
Feasts at the end of battle
Festival of intoxication
Supreme Lord God
Name was so sacred, it was forbidden to write or even speak his name
Said to be "the whole One God"
Some debate on whether the Mayans were polytheistic
Worshiped today by many in South America, mainly in the Yucatan peninsula
Sacred Palace & Immortal Peaches
More Sekhmet
Associated to the goddess Bast
Married to Ptah
Part of a triad in Memphis along with Ptah (creator) and Nefertum (healer)
In the Book fo the Dead, she is known as "The One Who Loves Ma'at and Who Detest Evil"
Can avert plagues and cure disease
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