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Rock Cycle Comic Strip!!!

By: Jennifer Keffer

Jennifer Keffer

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Rock Cycle Comic Strip!!!

The MIGHTY MINERALS conquered the long and hard journey. After Fleming, Brook, and Boner cool from the lave their journey begins.......... When lave builds enough pressure at the top of a volcano........ The three little rocks that will show us their long journey.......... Or you can call them Fleming, Brooks, and Boner, will show us the journey of a mineral and what a mineral goes through. to make the volcano erupt, there for allowing lava to pore out the sides and quickly cool to become........ c After Brooks, Bonner, and Fleming have gone through Erosion... and... Transportation....... First........ Fleming, Brooks, and Boner continue their journey by becoming Igneous Rocks......... Second..... Third..... Forth...... For these three to become a sedimentary rock, they are to be formed from layers of deposition from erosion or other factors like decay. As more layers are added the first layers are compressed into a rock form a large, small or somewhere in between, sedimentary rock that is able to tell a story. Fith..... When Fleming, Bonner and Brooks are done having fun being sedentary rock the go and become metamorphic rocks.......... After they slipping into any part of the ocean or any place that one layer of the crust is slipping underneath the other. By heat and pressure the rock goes from a scrambled look to more of a flat smooth look. Sixth.........
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