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Wikileaks and media democracy

No description

Fergie Ferg

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of Wikileaks and media democracy

Wikileaks and media democracy
Wikileaks - what can you find out?
Read the wikileaks timeline in the shared area
The development of new technology has resulted in an era of digital democracy. How far do you agree with this statement

You should refer to other media examples to support your answer. (12 marks)

In your own words, explain
media democracy
liberal pluralism
The fifth estate
The title links to the medieval idea that there are "three estates to the realm": Clergy, Nobility and Commoners. More recently this has been re-evaluated to include the fourth estate - the media.

Who is the fifth estate?
Was Wikileaks a good or a bad thing? What lasting effects did it have on institutions?
Question 2 - (12 marks)
Assessment of:
Media issues/debates/theories
References to additional products/examples

Level 4 (10-12 marks)
A sophisticated evaluation, showing very good critical autonomy.
Detailed and sophisticated application of a wide range of media debates/issues/theories.
Supports answer with a wide range of examples.
Articulate and engaged.

Level 3 (7-9 marks)
A proficient evaluation, showing good critical autonomy.
Proficient application of a range of media debates/issues/theories.
Supports answer with a range of examples.
Clearly expressed.

Level 2 (4-6 marks)
A satisfactory evaluation, showing critical autonomy.
Adequate application of a number of media debates/issues/theories.
Supports answer with examples.
Generally clear expression.

Level 1 (1-3 marks)
A basic evaluation.
Basic application of some media debates/issues/theories.
Some examples included.
Meaning may be obscured at times by weaknesses in written communication.
P - Has new technology brought more media democracy?

E - Example to support your idea

E - Explain your idea and link back to the question

a - Think about how this impacts the audience

i - How does it benefit/harm the institution
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