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Blue Whales

Endangered species presentation

Basil Amro

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Blue Whales

By:Basil Endangered Blue Whales About the amazing blue whale The biome of the Blue Whale is the aquatic ocean Range (where does it live) Diet Blue whales are the largest animals ever know to live on earth.These magnificent marine animals rule the oceans at 100 feet.Did u know that their tongue way as much as a elephant.And there hearts can weigh as much as a automobile.Blue whales look true blue underwater but above they look like more of a gray whale. These graceful swimmers cruise the ocean at more than five miles an hour (eight kilometers an hour), but accelerate to more than 20 miles an hour. Life span Blue whales have a life expectancy of 35-40 years, but the normal, unhunted lifespan of a blue whale is estimated to be 80 years. Examples of biotic things in the same biome Some biotic thing that live in the same ocean as the blue whale are fishes,coral,krill,and other sea animals Climate in the Biome Its 39 degrees Fahrenheit(3.8 degrees Celsius The ecosystem the blue whale lives in is all oceans except polar waters Blue whales are present in almost all the oceans. However, they are mainly spotted in the southern hemisphere. They prefer to stay in the deep waters and sometimes in the coastal waters They eat very little no bigger than your pinky finger, its favorite food is krill or shrimp Predators They dont technically have any predators but it has only been taken down once by a pack of killer whales History And Current Size Of Population It is estimated that there are 8,000-14,000 blue whales in the world Why are the blue whales endangered If you compare an elephant to a blue whale the elephant seems like an ant. Unfortunately you won't see to many of these amazing huge mammals too often- thanks too humans! Blue whales have no natural enemies,besides humans that is.That is one reason why the blue whale is endangered.Unfortunately, that reason makes the blue whale's population drop very quickly.The reason hunters kill them is because if there fat.They do this because the blue whales fat is rare and valuable.Icase you were wondering the fat is used for perfumes,lipstick,chapsticks,and things like that Blue whales have no natural enemies, besides humans that is. That is one reason why the blue whale is endangered. Unfortunately, that reason makes the blue whale's population drop very quickly.The reason hunters' kill them is for their blubber, or the whale's fat. They do this because this blubber is rare and valuable. Strange! Fat being valuable and rare! Why? Well, this blubber is in some perfumes, lip-glosses, chapsticks, and things like that. Also the other reason hunters kill them is for their meat. It contributes a lots of meat to a lot of families. I hope when im done this presentation you would leave with more information about THE GREAT BLUE WHALE I hope when you exit this room you would know more about the AMAZING BLUE WHALE Action Plan My action plan is to let people know the big blue whale and how amazing it is, by sending and making brochures international about why they are endangered and what can help them did you know that there are oil spills that killed a lot of blue because they couldnt blow there horn and we would embarrass the perfume companies by saying its made out of blue whales fat THEY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS AMAZING ANIMAL
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