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My experience

No description

Flaviu Birouas

on 23 February 2018

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Transcript of My experience

My experience
My engineering experience
My leadership and management experience
About me
Hi. My name is Flaviu Ionut Birouas and I live in the city of Oradea.
I am a 4th and last year student at the University of Oradea and I study engineering in the field of robotics.
I have graduated top of my year after 4 years of hard work.
In these 4 years I proved I can deliver the best performance a student can have in the field of robotics.
In my student years I have participated in numerous project that expanded my engineering knowledge and management skills.

I will present a few practical projects I have worked on in the past.

One of my most complex projects that I worked on was developing a Total Quality Management System.
Project prototyping
At this stage we analyzed the project requirements and started working on a functional prototype.
The processes involved
- electronic schematic design
- PCB design
- Software programing
In this project I worked with another engineer at Tech Swarm.
The project was done based on the clients requirements.
The product was design starting from the concept of the device and evolved based on the engineering solutions we developed
Prototyping - the Alfa stage of development
Designing the Main Board
Reviewing the product key components and redesigning the Beta 1 stage schematic and PCB design
Reviewing and optimizing product for final production design
Designing the system UPS
(Uninterruptible power supply)
Fabrication, assembly, software development and debugging
Final PCB design
This is a project I did in year 3 of study as a volunteering initiative.
In this project I develop an Education Development Board based on microcontrollers
This project included:
- Schematic design
- PCB design
- Software debugging and testing
Schematic design
PCB design and layout
Final PCB design and layout
The Development Boards are still used at the department of Electronics and Telecommunications at the faculty of I.E.T.I. Oradea - Reference Prof. Dr. Ing. Nistor Daniel Trip
I did this project in year 3 of study as an alternative for an exam for the discipline Electronic Actuation.

In this project I had to design and fabricate an automated reprogrammable pick and place machine

This project included:
- Mechanical design
- Electronic schematic design
- PCB design
- Software programming for microcontrollers
Electronic schematic design
PCB design
Final device


Hall sensor

Ethernet PLC

Data aqusition for force measurment

Faist Keyboard

H bridge 30A


PIR pentru spital

Audio Preamp

1 character 7 segment display

Switching regulator

Line detection sensor array

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