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Rime of the Ancient Mariner

No description

Brittany Erb

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Part One The Mariner Sets Sail A storm hits at the equator and the ship heads southward to escape it. The ship reached a place that was wondrously cold. An Albatross emerged from the mist, the sailors took this as a sign of good luck. The seamen feed and play with the bird. The Mariner killed the Albatross with his crossbow. Part 2 The wind remains strong while the ship heads north into the Pacific, but the mist remains with them. The sailors were upset with the Mariner for killing the Albatross because they believed it had saved them from an icy death by bringing the wind. When the fog disappeared and the sun came out the crew changed their minds about the Albatross and praised the Mariner. The wind stopped while the sun beat down on them. Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink. Fires burned on the ocean's surface at night and the crew could not speak from thirst. The sailors hung the dead Albatross around the Mariners neck to put the blame on him alone. Part 3 The men became delirious with thirst. They see a ship approaching but nobody can call out since their throats are so dry. The Mariner bites his arm to drink his blood so he can speak. It's obvious that this is a ghost ship. It comes closer and the Mariner sees Death and Life-in-Death throwing dice on the deck. Life-in-Death wins the Mariner and death wins the the crew. As soon as night falls the entire crew drops dead the Mariner is the only living thing left behind. His only living company were the slimy creatures of the ocean. For seven days and nights the Mariner remained alone on the ship. The dead sailors did not rot and cursed him with their open eyes. Part 4 The curse was lifted from the Mariner when he appreciated the beauty of the slimy sea serpents. The Mariner was finally able to pray and the Albatross fell from his neck, sinking into the sea. Part 5 The Mariner was finally able to sleep, he dreamed that the buckets on the ship were filled with dew, and when he woke up it was raining. The Mariner drank so much that he became lightheaded and thought he was a ghost The Mariner heard a loud wind far off, and the sky lit up with St. Elmo's Fire. The rain poured from one cloud and there was an unbroken stream of lightening. The ship sailed without wind. The men awoke from death, stood up, and began to sail the ship as they had before. They were completely silent and did not acknowledge the Mariners presence. At dawn, the crew gathered at the mast and sang. When they stopped singing, the ship sailed on without any wind, moved by the spirit from the rime. When the ship reached the equator it stopped moving and the sails stopped singing. The ship rocked back and forth violently until it jolted foreword, causing the Mariner to faint. While he was unconscious the Mariner heard two voices. The first voice said he was the man who betrayed the Albatross that loved him, the second whispered that the Mariner would continue to pay for his sins. Part 6 The Mariner woke up to the dead sailors surrounding him, cursing him with their eyes, until they suddenly disappeared and the spell was broken once and for all. The ship sailed until the Mariner recognized the shores of his home. He sobbed because he thought he was either alive or in heaven. Crimson shapes rise from the water. When the Mariner looked down at the deck he saw angels leaving the bodies of the dead crew, and then guiding the ship to land. The harbormaster, his assistant, and a Hermit approach the ship in a boat. The Mariner was overjoyed to see them and wanted the Hermit to wipe away his sins. As the boat came closer the ship suddenly sank, leaving the Mariner floating in the water. Part 7 The men thought the Mariner was dead but pulled him into the boat anyway. The Mariner begins to row the boat which causes the boy to go crazy and the Hermit to pray When they got to shore, the Mariner begged the Hermit to cleanse him of his sins. The Hermit asked the Mariner what sort of man he was and the Mariner was compelled by an intense terror to tell his story to the Hermit . Once he finished his tale he was overcome with a great sense of relief. Brittany Erb
English 111 A1
19 November 2012
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