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De Nieuwste School

how and what?

shimara van den elzen

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of De Nieuwste School

De Nieuwste School Shimara van den Elzen Your own research, how does that work? Example of research that I have done My queastion was:
What does the Indian kitchen look like?

what have I done: To High School Results Realisation Sketches In the beginning... First day Many friends laptop new fantastic Literacy Mathematics ENGLISH French THEME mentor MORE AND MORE AND MORE... Between ____________12,5 km____________ home school I U pff...... much homework very nice LOVE IT no books ARTS SCIENCE HUMANICS ME years old mom me little sister brother dad my family HAPPY what i love at school Arts Of course my friends English My own research Mmmmmmmmmm.... I'm thinking I IT Whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha communication question Heart sub questions 1
5 1 2 research! figuring everything 3 present 4 !very fun! reflect 1:
2: report containing information
3: conclusion
4: present with the information What is science, arts and humanics? Arts dance drawing painting culture Science biology physics / chemistry An example Just normal stuff Humanics Geography History
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