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The Feminist Approach in Romeo and Juliet

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Joseph McFadden

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of The Feminist Approach in Romeo and Juliet

The Feminist Approach in
Romeo and Juliet

How are Women Represented in Literature
In Shakespeare women are represented in three main ways. The Bawdy Woman: who is usually risque and sexual in her speech. These characters are often used for comic relief. The Tragic Innocent Woman: a pure woman who tragically dies once her innocence is lost. Finally; The Scheming Fatal Female, who manipulates men only to die a fatal death.
How Women are Understood at the Time Period
Women in Shakespeare are not considered equal. Their lives are controlled by men. Women have many aspects of their lives dictated by men. However, some women are also perceived as intelligent and manipulative, however, most of these women in Shakespearean plays die.
How Gender Roles are Explored
Men control everything in a woman's life and woman have little or no say in big decisions in their lives. Women who think for themselves are often punished by fate, usually with death.
The Feminist Approach
The Feminist approach is looking at female roles in literature and how the author uses them. It also includes the perspective of female characters.
Example of the Bawdy Woman: ""Yea" quoth he..."Wilt thou not Jule?" quoth he" (1.3.44-51)

Example of the Tragic Innocent Woman: "Yea, noise...let me die." (5.3.182-184)

(There are no Scheming Fatal Female characters in
Rome and Juliet
Example of Juliet being controlled: "Marry, that "marry...for his love." (1.3.65-76)

Example of Juliet being told what should make her happy: "Soft, take me with you...so worthy a gentleman to be her bride."(3.5.141-145)
Example of Juliet having no say in her life choices: "Marry, that 'marry...for his love.' " (1.3.65-76)

Example of an independent woman suffering the consequences of free thinking: "Yea, noise...let me die." (5.3.182-184)
-Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
-Types of Female Characters in Shakespeare
by Lee Jamieson
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