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Develop a list of Key Terms

Key Terms are the set of vocabulary words that surround your research question. Use a concept map or table to brainstorm a list of key terms. You will use these terms to search for sources.

Nancy Bellafante

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Develop a list of Key Terms

[Research question] How can libraries use educational video games to teach information literacy skills to college freshmen? Education Libraries freshmen Information literacy Video Games Education Video games Libraries Information Literacy Freshmen 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Concept Map table Key Terms: ... Now watch this Steps Write down your research question in a complete sentence. Underline the most important words in the sentence. synonyms
related terms
broader terms
narrower terms
word variants You will discover that not all the terms will be successful in leading you to sources, so be patient and persistent - try a variety of combinations and keep track of which terms are the most useful. Also, be a detective looking for leads/clues. As you find sources on your topic, notice the terms in the source title and the abstract, its assigned subject and descriptor terms - add them to your key words list. How? The vocabulary that surrounds your research question. Develop a list of academic libraries librarians instructional librarians Library science learning higher education academic success Active learning colleges universities research skills library skills digital literacy information awareness evaluating sources search strategies plagiarism ACRL teaching mobile games educational technology gaming serious games (it's a genre) augmented reality role-playing adventure Play games undergraduates university students first-year students college students (library assocation) reference librarians BI -bibliographic instruction library orientation undergraduates
first-year students
college students
university students
students play
serious games
augmented reality
mobile games
role playing
educational tech library skills
research skills
info awareness
search strategies
evaluating sources
digital literacy librarians
reference librarians
instruct. librarians
biblio instruction
academic libraries
library science one-shots problem-based learning assessment edutainment teaching
higher education
active learning
academic success academics for each underlined term, write down... 1 2 3 Tips... UH Libraries. "Developing Keywords" YouTube. Web. 23 March. 2011.
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