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2012 Brace Presentation

No description

Rachel Murree

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of 2012 Brace Presentation

How the 1973 Merger with Phillips Academy Became a Takeover The End of Abbot: Rachel Murree Class '14 Personal Introductions Annika Neklason Class '13 Origins:
1828-1967 The Talk: 1967-1972 The Agreement:
1972-1973 Coeducation:
1973-1979 From Santa Cruz, Califoria

Came to Andover as a new Upper in 2011

Mom came to Andover as a new upper in 1974. From Solomons, Maryland.

Came to Andover as a new lower

Did being a girl really mean so much at Andover? "We began looking into the history of both Abbot and Phillips in an attempt to understand what it means to be female at Andover. In doing so, we found the story of the girls who, for more than a century, lived and attended school next door to our dorm. And we discovered that the 1973 merger not only marked the beginning of coeducation at Andover, but also the end of Abbot." The Big Picture Our Research This presentation: Who are we? What did we find? Why does it matter? We have an idea! Now what? Conclusion Thank you! Why the merger matters in 2013.
Impact on Phillips Academy
Dance and other Abbot Programs
Abbot Association
Brace Center for Gender Studies
Coeducation at 40
Abbot Archives At a meeting of the Board of Trustees ... [in] February 1973 ... the following votes were ... unanimously adopted:The transfer by Abbot Academy of its properties and assets to Phillips Academy and the assumption by Phillips Academy of the liabilities and obligations of Abbot Academy ...”79 “No matter what it was called, we lost our name, our place, our identity.”- Mary Minard, Abbot alumna and teacher, Phillips Academy teacher Chins up, Ladies! P.A. teachers may even like you, once they no longer have to dislike you on principal”.-Cynosure Reporter 1972 All the research for this paper was done in the library and archives of Phillips Academy. The story we found is one that any student, with enough time and curiosity, could uncover without once leaving campus.In the end, our research is a part of the narrative we’ve put together. From the beginning, we were looking for the answer to this question: where did Abbot go, and where does it fit into the modern day Andover? Maybe, nearly forty years after the merger, we’re still girls going to a boy’s school.We attend Phillips Academy, but maybe we’re Abbot girls. Our research has left us with a desire to capture whatever we can of what remains of Abbot, to revive as much of that spirit as we are able, and to live our lives in the time we have left at this school not only as Phillips Academy students but also as Abbot girls. Do females possess minds as capable of improvement as males?- Subject of Philomathean Society debate,Phillips Academy, 1827 On February 15, 1828 a notice appeared on trees and buildings in Andover inviting citizens to vote on starting a new female school.

A board of Trustees with men from Phillips Academy and Andover Theological Seminary was created.

Abbot Female Academy opened its doors to women on May 6, 1829 Don Gordon brought huge changes to Abbot after his appointment in 1967. Up the hill the appointment of Ted Sizer in 1972 also helped pave the way for the merger.
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