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No description

Karen Callis

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Archaeologist

What do I get paid
You are probably wondering ''How much will I get paid.'' Around $61,365 a year is how much money you ill get if you become a archaeologist!
What do I do
Archaeologists dig up some fascinating artifacts, and their back stories are even more fascinating. You can travel around the world looking for even more artifacts.In fact a lot of the artifacts at the museum are dug up by archaeologists.
What I need
What do you need to qualify? Well you need a degree and a personality that you want to go out there and get dirty,sweaty. You also need to be careful there are sharp tools and delicate artifacts.
Where to work
Pros work in a wide variety of places around the world digging up artifacts and uncovering cool secrets!
All about becoming a archaeologist!
So will you become a archaeologist? Or will you become something different?
What to wear
You need to wear clothes that you don't care about because it is gonna be really dirty out there also wear a hat so the sun doesn't get in your eyes.
By, Haven

Thank you!

Hope you enjoyed!
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