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Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

No description

arm idris

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

"When sushi hybrid donuts is too mainstream"
"Every piece is a Masterpiece"
"Why we win award and you don't?"
A promise to customer every bite comes with absolute satisfaction
Big Apple Donuts & Coffee
Big Apple Donuts & Coffee
Big Apple Donuts & Coffee "Strength"
HWT 21st Century Prestigious Brand Top Corporate Leader 10th March 2013

Asean Outstanding Business Awards 2013 (Master Class) Asean Best Donuts Of The Year 8th March 2013

MRCA 2011 Awards “ We Are The Champions” 21st October 2011

SME100 Award 2009 Fast Moving Companies 10th June 2009

Big Apple adopts an open-kitchen concept in every store. Each is specially designed to showcase the process of donuts making to build the multi-sensory experience for customers.

Customers are able to fully appreciate their meal after seen the donuts make its journey from dough to packing box.

The Magic of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee doesn't come simply from the products and brand, but also from the relationship, the innovation and the diversity of the people who contribute to the fun, energy and success of the organization.
Large variety of donuts and flavors available.

Good quality of donuts and services.

Adopts an open-kitchen concept in every store.

Well known nationwide.

Big Apple donuts can be enjoyed by all cultures.
Thursday, May 29, 2014
Presentation Skills (A307IAE)
By Muhammad Izham Idris & Nurul Ain Raman
Big rivalry between Dunkin' Donuts and J.CO Donuts & Coffee
Big Apple Donuts & Coffee "Weakness"
On the 2nd of May 2007, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee established itself in Malaysia with opening of its first store at The Curve.

It is wholly owned by Big Apple Interasia Sdn. Bhd. A parent company of subsidiaries under its corporate.

Big Apple specializes in offering a wide range of donuts and beverages to people who want something different from the norm.

The concept, packaging and greater choices of donuts make Big Apple a very unique brand.

With a tagline of “Every Piece is a Masterpiece”, Big Apple always aim to offer something new and exciting to all donuts lover in Malaysia and around the world.

The stores are not reachable in small towns or village.

No promotions such as exhibition booth or pop-up kiosk.

Some of the flavors can be found easily in other donuts companies.

A bit pricey for a donuts & beverages

Focusing for take away customer where the store had few place for customer to dine-in

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee
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