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Four Steps to death

No description

Yousef Osman

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Four Steps to death

Four Steps to death
What made this battle so horrific
The aftermath
- Published in 2005 by John Wilson

- Based on the horrors and tragedies of the Battle of Stalingrad.

- The Genre of this book is Historical fiction.

- Story is told through three perspectives.
The battle of Stalingrad
The Soviets suffered the most casualties but is still Comparable to the amount the Axis had lost.
What was the Battle of Stalingrad?
- A horrific battle between the Soviet union and the Nazis.

- Both sides fought to gain control of the city of Stalingrad (Now known as Volgograd).

- Known as one of the bloodiest battle during World War two and throughout History.
- The obsession of both Hitler and Stalin with taking and holding the city led to them robbing their officers of any strategic plan.
- Soldiers of the Soviet were forced to push the front lines even if it cost them their life. If caught falling back they were shot by their own officers.
- The ego of these two madmen cost millions of lives, and could of easily been avoided.
- German tanks were forced to advance into cities that were in rubble, risking being flanked by soldiers that were in hidden inside of them.
- The remaining German troops surrendered on February 2, 1943 and were taken in as prisoners.Other German Soldiers froze or starved to death.
An example of how horrific It was
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