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Life Of Pi - Timeline

No description

Eric Assadi

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Life Of Pi - Timeline

the animals attack
After sailing on the boat for a little while, the hyena attacks the zebra by eating his leg, but the zebra does not die. The hyena and orangutan begin shrieking at one another and the hyena kills the orangutan. Then out of under the tarpaulin, Richard Parker jumps out and eats the hyena. The dead orangutan and zebra become food for Richard Parker in the weeks to come.
Pi is born
Life Of Pi - Timeline
The Beginning
The first crucial event to happen to Pi is when he is seven and Mamaji teaches him to swim. This becomes something he loves and gets quite good at. Without this, Pi's survival in the boat and at sea would have been nearly impossible.
Pi was named after a swimming pool in Paris, the Piscine Molitor, which became his full name: Piscine Molitor Patel.
Mamaji Swimming
The Piscine Molitor in Paris, France
Piscine Patel - Known to all as pi
Pi gets teased at school because his name sounds very similar to "Pissing". After becoming fed up with people calling him that, even the teachers, he decides to change his name to what he describes as
"...that Greek letter that looks like a shack with a corrugated tin roof, in that elusive, irrational number with which scientists try to understand the universe..."

Piscine Molitor Patel becomes Pi Patel, school legend and first of his kind to create an amazing nickname for himself. Shortly after, many kids began doing the same thing but Pi always saw himself as the first and most enduring.
Pi writing his name on the board at school.
Pi being teased at school.
pi takes up religion
Pi becomes a boy of many faiths. He studies each religion, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian. He decides he simply cannot choose just one so declares himself as all three. Many disagree, including his father, but Pi believes that is how he wants to have his religion.
This is important because Pi believes that he would have died if not for religion when the
sank. Even after the life boat reached shore, Pi had gotten so depressed because of Richard Parker's departure without a goodbye, but said he felt religion had made him feel reborn. Without religion, Pi would have died long before he reached land.
Pi practices all three religions:
Pi's father gives them a lesson they wont forget
In order to show Pi and Ravi how dangerous the zoo animals are, Santosh puts a live goat in front of the tiger's cage and makes the kids watch as nature takes its course. While scaring them for life, Santosh proves the point that the animals are extremely dangerous and to never go near them.
Without learning this lesson, Pi would have never survived on the boat with all the dangerous animals including Richard Parker.
Pi's family decides to move to canada
In order to sustain his business, Pi's father decides that its best if the family moved to Canada so he can sell the animals and get a job in Winnipeg. On June 21st, 1977, the Patels leave Pondicherry, India on the Japanese cargo ship "TsimTsum". Pi says goodbye to India and to all his friends and mentors.
The TsimTsum sinks
Pi is awoken on the boat due to a storm and decides to investigate, but little does he know that the TsimTsum is about to sink. When the storm starts to look too dangerous, he tries to warn his family but finds out its already too late and they have drowned in their rooms. He manages to get onto a life boat, but a zebra jumps on and sends the boat falling to the ocean. Pi sees Richard Parker in the water and tries to help him get to the boat, but then he realizes how dangerous he is and stops helping him. Pi is too late and now he is floating in a life boat with wild animals.
Pi decides to build a raft
Since living with Richard Parker seems too dangerous for Pi, he builds a raft using the oars and lifebuoys he has. While on the raft, Pi takes an inventory on the supplies he has and brings them with him to the raft. One day he saw a ship in the distance and tried to use the flare to signal for it to help him, but it didn't see him and kept sailing. Pi then begins to give up searching for other ships. He also realizes that in order for him and Richard Parker to cooperate, he must tame him.
The island
Pi and Richard Parker stumble upon an island when they are very hungry and they both have their feasts, Pi with vegetation, and Richard Parker with meerkats. After Pi finds a tooth, he realizes the island is carnivorous and decides he needs to leave and find civilization. He packs his things and leaves with Richard Parker.
Pi and Richard Parker finally end their journey of suffering when they reach land, Mexico to be exact. Sadly, Richard Parker leaves so unceremoniously without some form of closure with Pi, leaving him very upset.
"...He only looked fixedly into the jungle. Then Richard Parker, companion of my torment, awful, fierce thing that kept me alive, moved forward and disappeared forever from my life."
Pi awakes in a hospital. He is questioned by two people who want to know how the TsimTsum sank. Pi tells them his story but they don't believe it, so Pi makes up a more 'reasonable' one. The people believe him and stop asking questions.
After Pi leaves the hospital, he goes to Canada where he studies zoology and religion at the University of Toronto.
Pi also gets married and has a wonderful family.
The author meets Pi and Pi gets to tell his story.
The Life Of Pi Has a Happy Ending
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