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Information about Haile Selassie

No description

mahlet eyasu

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Information about Haile Selassie

Haile Selassie Haile Selassie is the son of Ras Makonnen and
Weziyro Yeshimebet. He was born in a mud hut in Ejersa Gora on July 23, 1892.
He became governor of Harar, Ethiopia in 1911 Haile Selassie was not originally the successor, it was actually his cousin Lij Yasu but Lij Yasu had converted to Islam and was very un-favorble for Ethiopia (which is a Christian nation) so Haile Selassie was next in line for the throne. He was the only survinving and "legitimate"
son of Ras Makonnen Haile Selassie was crowned Emperor and King of Ethiopia in 1928 after the death of Zawditu. Haile Selassie was Ethiopia's 225th and last emperor. Haile Selassie is worshipped as a diety by the Rastafarians. Haile Selassie became such an important figure by the Rastafarians when he visited Jamaica in 1966. Jamaica was in a drought for many years but it is said that when Haile Selassie stepped into the land, it immediately started raining and the drought came to an end. Haile Selassie was invited and was the only African leader present at John F Kennedy's funeral. Haile Selassie's ancestry can be traced back to King Solomon and Queen of Sheba Haile Selassie has six kids; Princess Romanework, Princess Tenagnenwork, Princess Zenebework, Princess Tsehai, Prince Makonnen, and Prince Sahle. Haile Selassie died on August 28 1975 and his funeral was a national event and was attended by many prominent figures from around the world.
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