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MGMT 434 Group Project

No description

Evan Byrne

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of MGMT 434 Group Project

Industry Analysis Brink's Background Strengths Opportunities Moderate level of diversification
through a related constrained strategy

Regulated Industry

Competitive Advantages Corporate Strategy Strategies and Critical Success Factors in the Industry Global General Environment Ease-of-entry Capital The Brink's Company Differentiation
Business-Level Strategy Company History Scope/Size Culture Weaknesses Threats Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Resources Business Strategy Recommendations Safeguarding Items
Transporting items Technology
Political/Legal Environment
Global Environment
Economic Environment
Physical & Socio-cultural Environment Industry Opportunities and Threats Opportunities:
Banks & Financial Institutions
Government Agencies
Hackers 1860: Foundation 1900's: First Bank Shipment 1961: Europe
1966: South America 1995: CompuSafe Service 2001: Logistics of cash 2005: Data Solutions Today: Fortune 1000 Main HQ: Richmond, VA
US HQ: Texas
G. HQ: London “At Brink's, teamwork is not just a concept;
it's our way of doing business". In HR: Baseball Team
organizational culture. Trust,
Stakeholders Core Values Restore Faith & Awareness in The Brink's Brand Advertising campaign (Highlighting Brink's rigorous standards and safety practices) License the Brink's Name (To transaction-processing firms & banks as a value-added service.) Recommendations Increase Operational Efficiency Focus on Cash Management and Supply Chain Services in more developed areas such as the United States and Europe. Cash usage is on the decline in these regions. Emphasize ATM Services in emerging markets. Cash usage and ATM installations are increasing and this service could serve as an entry point. Recommendations Explore Emerging Markets Strengths Significant Market Presence Brink's can use their presence as an ATM services provider to survey their opportunities and potentially identify their next large revenue stream. Extensive Geographic Reach Diverse Business Lines Pension Obligations Low Gross Profit Margin Emerging Markets Emerging ATM Market Slow Economic Growth Bank Failures 100+ countries, 1100 facilities, 75% profit outside US I: Banks, Financial Institutions, Airline Industry

II: Retailers, Government Agencies, Commercial Businesses Intangible

Tangible Differentiation

Growth Strategy

Core Services

High-valued Services
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