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SPH: Fall 2013 Highlights (for sharing)

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Angelica Figueroa

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of SPH: Fall 2013 Highlights (for sharing)

Quantifying # of deaths each year from human-caused outdoor air pollution
(2013, Environmental Research Letters)
Danyu Lin, PhD
Donglin Zeng, PhD
Developing new methods to improve genetic understanding, speed development of treatments. (2013, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)
Innovation is part of our culture.
Nab Dasgupta, PhD, EPID
Smisha Agarwal (MCH PhD student)
Faculty are recognized for excellence.

Our School of Public Health

Knowing (cognitive content)
Doing (skills and experiences)
Being (ethics, professional values)

…Affordable Care Act
…Shrinking state funds
…More resistance in NC

…Cost conscious students
…Schools of public health
Kurt Ribisl, PhD
Creating the UNC Center for Regulatory Research on Tobacco Communications
(FDA, NIH, $20M)
Starting a national workforce development center at UNC (HRSA, $5M)
Dorothy Cilenti, DrPH
Our faculty are getting funded at a very high level.
Determining how deadly viruses replicate and cause disease (NIH, $10M)
Ralph Baric, PhD
Chancellor Carol Folt
Provost James Dean
UNC-Chapel hill is strong.
…Position ourselves within ACA landscape.
Outstanding Researcher Award
National Rural Health Assn.
Charles O’Melia
Distinguished Educator Award
Assn. of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors
Philip Singer, PhD
Improving outcomes for youth with Type 1 diabetes. (NIDDKD, $6.9M)
Beth Mayer-Davis, PhD
Reducing risk of breast cancer recurrence among African American women. (ACS, $730K)
Determining prevalence of major cardiovascular and other diseases among Latinos in the U.S. (NHLBI, $3.5M)
Mapping connections between intensive livestock production and antibiotic resistant STAPH. (NSF, $1.8M)
Fall 2013 Enrolled Student Demographics
Enrollment steady
Faculty Excellence
Public Health landscape
51 SPH’s (incl Canada & Mexico)
33 PH Programs part of ASPPH
5 programs in transition
More to come
New global online MPH
Jianwen Cai, PhD
Stephanie Wheeler, PhD
Jill Steward, PhD
APHA lifetime achievement award.
Miriam Labbok, PhD
NC’s highest civilian honor, the 2013 NC Award for Science. . .
Myron Cohen, PhD
Early Career Award (EPA)
Sheldon K. Friedlander Award
Jason Surrat, PhD
The Obesity Society
Penny Gordon-Larsen, PhD
Ernie Schoenfeld, DrPH
APHL Presidential Award
Jason West, PhD
…and in the new video created to help us celebrate the School’s 75th Anniversary!
Breaking news
SPH Commencement
Saturday, May 10, 2014
Memorial Hall - 1:00 P.M.
Commencement speaker:
Nicole Bates, DrPH, MPH, Senior Program Officer, Global Health Policy and Advocacy
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Kaiser Permanente Burch Minority Leadership Development Award
Wizdom Powell Hammond, PhD

The competiton is stronger than ever.
George Pink, PhD
Camelback bridge near Sanford, NC
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