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Copy of Case Manager Interview Presentation

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Stacey Haley Roncone

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Case Manager Interview Presentation

Case Manager Interview Presentation
Networking and Collaborating
"Many of the services can be legal in nature, and certainly when a person is preparing to leave, coordinating aftercare, place to live, 12 step meetings, sponsor, etc."
Finding and Selecting Resources
The Referral Process
Rewards of Being a Case Manager
"The most rewarding is of course when a person stays sober and I get to see them grow and blossom."
By Stacey Haley-Roncone
Lynn is a case manager at Whiteside Manor, a large drug and alcohol treatment facility. He works in the men's residential treatment branch of the organization. He specializes in emotionally focused therapy in both group and individual settings. He has several clients assigned to his caseload and he hosts men's groups.

"As a case manager, part of my responsibility is to coordinate services for my client, and I try to get them to do it for themselves, in tandem with myself."
Weekly meetings with other in-house professionals
Networking with outside professionals to link clients to support after they are discharged (counseling, housing, AA/NA meetings, support groups)
Working with legal professionals and providing documentation and client status reports
Interacting with medical insurance companies
Working with the county regarding county funded beds for clients
"I often use the computer to obtain resources especially when they are not local. Typically this is for sober livings and out patient services. Often the ideal scenario is from residential to sober living w/outpatient, then to home."

Resources must be appropriate for the client both by meeting the clients needs and being in a location near to where the client resides.

Internet searches
Telephone calls
Face-to-Face meetings
County resources
Collaborates with the client and considers their individual needs
Shows the client their options and allows them to select the resource or provider that is best for them
Prepares all documentation needed to make a smooth transition to the next provider
Get signed releases from the client
Prepares a clear strategy and plan of action for the client
Follows up on the client's progress
The Case Managers Role:
The Clients Role:
Take responsibility for their own recovery!

Show up to set appointments with the new organization

Call if they need assistance or if there is a problem

Maintain the ground that they have gained
What was Learned From Lynn:
Treat every client as an individual
Know what the client is capable of doing on their own
Keep an open mind and do not judge the client
Allow the client to determine what works best for them
Nurture good relationships with other professionals
Be teachable and humble
Be confident in your ability to help and the clients ability to change
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