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No description

fay harriman

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Em's birth name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, he is also known as Eminem and Slim Shady.
its unknown why em has the 'e' backwards! Em has naturally brown hair, but but bleached it at 15. He was born, 17 October 1973 in Kansas City, Missouri. His mother is Debbie Mathers, and his father, who left Em at 18 months is Marshall Bruce Mathers II. He went between Detroit and Kansas city all out his childhood. He dropped out of Lincoln High School while he was in the 9th grade. He was 17 when he dropped out having failed freshman year three times. Marshall met a number of people at the number of schools he attended. This included fellow rapper Proof, and future wife Kimberly Ann Scott, with whom he soon developed a long-term relationship. When Kim became pregnant, Em tried everything he could to provide for his new family. Kim ended their relationship, preventing him from seeing his newborn child. Em sobered up from prescription pills and married Kim June 14th, 1999. They divorced Oct 01 Re-married Jan 14, 06 They divorced again in 07, and the current relationship is unknown. Em's albums are:
Infinite (96')
The Slim Shady LP/EP (96'/97')
Marshall Mathers LP (00')
Eminem Show (02')
8 Mile Soundtrack (02')
Encore (04')
Curtain Call: The Hits (05')
Relapse (09')
Relapse Refill (09')
Recovery (09')

Eminems Tattoos:
Proof's Name
Hailie Jade's Name (his daughter)
'Rot in Pieces'
Uncle Ronnie's Name

Eminem had a baby girl in 1995
named Hailie Jade Mathers. He also adopted his ex-wife, Kims, twin sister's daughter, Alaina Mathers. He also has become the legal custody of his younger brother Nathan Mathers. In 2008, he got custody of Kim's second child, Whitney (Eminem is not the father of Whitney).
Eminem's Awards
11 Grammy Wins
16 MTV Awards
5 American Music Awards
5 Billboard Awards
4 Brit Awards
3 Online Music Awards
2 Juno Awards
6 Detroit Music Awards
3 Blockbluster Music Awards
and many many more!

Eminem now resides in Detroit with
his children and brother. No news has come out with information regarding another album. People have said he's retiring from the rap industry. I beg to differ. "I try not to look at it that way. Being white. I don`t wake up every day and look in the mirror, `Oh. I`m white`."

In 2009 Eminem has struggled with drugs and alcohol addition since his young life. He was in rehab for 2 years, and is now clean and sober for his first time in many many years. Long-time friend and collaborator, Elton John has been helping him clean up. June of 08, he preformed live, sober for the first time ever in his music career. Eminem went to 5 different middle schools
and 3 different high schools. Em has a record company, named Shady Records. D12 was the first major band to be signed by Shady Records. Om Jan 12, 2011, Em shared that Shady Records is now producing two bands called Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse. Eminems Enemies:
Ja Rule
Royce da 5'9
Shady Records started in 1995, in order to help take care of Hailie. Eminem and Dr. Dre, a fellow rapper and producer, have been friends for over 10 years. Dre produced a number of Eminems songs such as, My 1st Single, 'Butt' Like That and Yellow Brick Road. Dre has been Eminem's mentor and business partner through out their careers. Eminem met Proof while in highschool. They became fast friends, freestyling together and producing a-track albums. Proof died April 11, 2006 at age 32 in Detroit, Michigan. Obie Trice and Eminem met in Detroit at a rap battle. They became friends when Em found out Proof knew him because they where childhood neighbors. In 2000 This was right after Em came out with his album Marshall Mathers LP in late 2000 This was right before Relapse Refill was dated to be released. Eminem took home two Grammys on Sunday Debbie and Marshall with Eminem Eminem and Nathan Hailie Jade Dre and Eminem Proof and Eminem Obie Trice and Eminem
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