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ConcurV11 July5

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Transcript of ConcurV11 July5

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into managed travel programs.
Brings bookings from every channel
The Expense Report That Writes Itself
E-receipts automatically itemize every expense.
Auto-populate expense reports (Itinerary items + E-receipts)
Items added as “available expenses” when ready.
Receipts are matched to Itinerary and corporate card data.
Expense line items are automatically populated into expense reports.
And brings them all into Concur.
How It Works
captures reservations
Ability To Pre-Populate Discount Codes
Manage Travel
Reduce Costs

apply for all travelers
once connected to

My Travel Network.
Travel policy rules apply to all TripLink™ bookings.
Hotel booking over $XYZ
Travel Policy Rule Examples:
Discount codes
allow negotiated rates to be populated.
Traveler Manager

loads code once.
through which reservations from nearly any booking source
can become part of our client’s travel program.
A set of features
itinerary capture tools
Managers get visibility into travelers’ spending
and gain
insight into trends
buying behavior.
This empowers them to
TripLink Policy Rules
Air carrier is not preferred
Car vendor is not preferred
All TripLink bookings

can enter their company’s corporate discount codes for all
TripLink™ vendors.
Reporting - Bookings Visibility
TripLink itineraries are automatically integrated into Concur reporting.

TripLink™ emailed: plans@tripit.com
(or plans@concur.com if outside
the US)
TripLink™ direct: My Travel Network
Reporting Itinerary Sources:
TripLink™ Agency e.g. Egencia
Location of travelers for duty of care
TripLink™ brings reservations from every booking channel into Concur. So, companies with TripLink™
know where their travelers
are, no matter where
they booked.
Audit Rules
Provide traveler-level visibility or use for internal audit only.
TripLink™ Itineraries are used in Expense “Audit Rules.”
Itinerary data can drive rules for expensing travel.
Require trips to be sent prior to Expense to enforce Duty-of-Care and apply policy prior to Expense.
Audit booked rate vs. expensed rate for air, hotel, or car.

A traveler can enroll in My Travel Network three different ways:
My Travel Network

is a TripLink™ service that automatically connects
A user’s Concur account.
From their Concur Profile.
From an in-product message displayed to eligible users upon sign-in to Concur.
Within the Concur App Center.
Company negotiated rates—even when travelers book direct.
Itineraries are captured in Concur and TripIt Pro without emailing.
The benefits to the company and the traveler when they participate in TripLink™ My Travel Network:
Itineraries create expenses when ready
traveler reward programs
TripLink™ partners
How It Works:
Integrated itineraries

New itineraries are automatically created
Itineraries are available in Concur and TripIt Pro on web or mobile.
For travelers who have enrolled in My Travel Network, bookings made directly with TripLink™ partners are automatically updated if there are any changes.
How it works:
Itinerary capture via email

The data from these itineraries will also flow through to the expense report and to the management information reporting available to the company.
Concur will automatically merge those segments with Concur Travel or TMC booked segments, and create an expense report based on the consolidated itinerary.
Travelers can forward travel confirmation emails from travel suppliers to
plans@tripit.com (or plans@concur.com
outside the US).
Key Features of
One-click to submit an expense report.
Hotel vendor not preferred
TripLink™ Itineraries Are Already Confirmed By The Traveler When They Come Into Concur.
The two options available for CTE customers to capture this information are:
Log for Reports
Notify Manager
(rule violations will be logged to the TripLink™ – Travel Policy Exceptions report.)
If a booking is found to be outside of the company defined policy, an email notification can be sent to the user’s manager or designated individual.
No matter where your travelers go
Participating travel partner accounts.
using their entered reward numbers.
to access all your plans in one place, and stay one step ahead while traveling.
Key Features of
Adds your travel plans to your calendar for you.
Instantly creates a schedule with all your travel details in one place.
Imports travel plans directly from your email.
Gives you access to your travel plans on any device.
Stores essential travel documents and contacts.
Functionality that meets the needs of business travelers
Terminal / Gate
Receive Flight Alerts for:
Able to connect their TripIt Pro and Concur accounts
Business trips will be added for them in Concur and TripIt Pro

Check-in reminders
Alternate flights
Seat availability alerts
program tracking
Itinerary sharing with family or colleagues

or how they book their trips
Traditional TMC
-Concur Travel
-Offline with Agent
Invisible Spend
-Captured only in Expense reporting not matched to an Itinerary
Easily connects traveler reward programs in their Concur account to all TripLink™ partners.
E-receipts are automatically populated into the travelers’ expense reports
New segments are automatically merged with existing itineraries, including those from other booking sources
TripIt is the world’s highest-rated travel organizing app
Reports FAQ
FAQ: What specific TripLink™ reports are
available to clients today?

Invisible Spend Trend Analysis
TripLink™ Air Supplier Summary
TripLink™ Car Rental Supplier Summary
TripLink™ Hotel Property Supplier Summary

TripLink™ Spend Summary by Traveler
FAQ: What other reports contain TripLink™ data?
All Analysis and Intelligence reports that pull Travel data include TripLink™ data, unless otherwise specified on the report description.

Vendor folder
· Airfare Details
· Airfare Summary
· Hotel Details
· Hotel Summary
· Car Rental Details
· Car Rental Summary

Summary level reports provide information on booking sources as well as a summary of spend by vendor.
Details reports let the customer sort the data by itinerary source.
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