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Batman Returns - Psychology

By Nathan Priest & Joel Heyes

Joel Heyes

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Batman Returns - Psychology

Batman returns: Penguin Approaches to Psychology Assignment.

By Nathan Priest & Joel Heyes
The Psychoanalytic approach to Psychology was created by a man named Sigmund Freud. It believes that unconscious thoughts and feelings, as well as buried beliefs, can dictate how a person acts. Freud used a method called dream analysis to extract these feelings.
Behavioral Psychology is an approach to Psychology that only analyzes observable behavior. These behaviors can include Conditioning, Events and reactions to punishments and rewards. Invented by Ivan Pavlov, it is often tested on animals for authenticity.
The humanistic approach to Psychology firmly believes that every single person has the potential for a unique and self led life and identity. They think people change depending on their own choices and ideas, putting the weight of someones identity on themselves. It is difficult to credit one person for the Humanistic approach, but one of the early formers of the concept was Abraham Maslow.
The traits of The Penguin can be traced back to many psychological approaches, such as the psychoanalytic approach. The unconscious awareness of his early years of childhood played an important roll in the man that he became. For instance, the lack of punishment when he did something wrong like eating the cat could cause him to believe that harming and killing other living things is okay and comes without consequence. Another occurrence in his childhood that caused his cold hearted way of thinking is being dumped into the river due to his physical deformity and animal like ways, Also causing severe trust issues.
Psychology is the study and analysis of human behavior and mental processes, both visible and invisible.
The Biological approach in this scenario can be connected to the psychoanalytical approach. As the unconscious memory of being abandoned can effect the feeling he has towards his flipper hands. This felling of anger and resentment has taken over his subconscious mind. causing him to have a constant felling of anger and hatred toward people, who he believes is constantly judging him.
The foundation of Cognitive psychology is built on the belief that all actions are in response to memories, perception and expectations instead of the stimulus reaction and impulse. it also focuses on how we store and access the information we remember, which reflects how it will be used and influence us. It is considered one of the younger approaches to Psychology, only becoming recently popular under Jean Piaget.
Sociocultural Psychology is the studying of how society affects one persons individual development. This theory stresses the important relationship between a person and the culture/ethnicity in which he is raised. Examples of these influences are parents, caregivers and teachers.
The Behavioral approach is applied to the Penguin in the following ways. The fact that the penguin was abandoned as a small child with no parental influence. He was raised by himself independently. The Penguin was never taught the differences between right and wrong, Therefore the acts that he commits are seen as heinous and horrifying, but he has no idea how uncivilized he is acting.
Biological Psychology is the analysis of genetics, immune system and nerve system. Brain circuitry is one of the most effective ways to analyze this approach to psychology. Topic areas include Perceptions, emotions and memory.
The sociocultural belief plays a large part of the penguins lifestyle. The environment which the penguin was raised is a dark and disgusting sewer, Which greatly represent the penguins appearance and social behavior, such as the lack of manners that a large number of human beings are raised upon. Evidence of this is when he attacks the public relation manager by biting him in the nose. Another aspect is the way that he doesn't care about his appearance and how he looks around others is when he addressed the crowd when running for mayor. these facts show that the sociocultural approach can account for a large part of the Penguins behavior.
The humanistic belief is a belief that stands solely on its own. This approach can contradict almost all of the other psychological approaches. This belief says that he as a human being is fully capable of making his own choices. For example he choose to spend his life trying to find his parents, when he could have just moved on with his like many other abandoned children. Another major choice that can be solely blamed on him and him alone is his acts of violence. These acts of violence can be believed that this violent rage that he has inside has been there all along and none of his life events, no matter how horrifying, had absolutely no input on his way of living life.
The Cognitive approach, similar to the psychoanalytical, can be traced back to the traumatic events during the early stages of his childhood. The memory of being caged like a wild animal and thrown away like garbage.This could have made him believe that he is unwanted and nobody will accept him for his differences, So due to that belief he acts in the manner that he does. Throughout the movie, the penguin had to live with fears of constantly being judged, which made him feel like an outcast or a freak.
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