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Avant-Florence in the Renaissance

No description

Brian Avant

on 23 March 2012

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Transcript of Avant-Florence in the Renaissance

Artists of the Renaissance
Why Florence and Why Then?
Wealthy banking families like the Medicis
*The humanities: grammar, rhetoric*, history, poetry and moral philosophy.
*Rhetoric is the art and study of the use of language with persuasive effect
Advanced mathematics from Islamic scholars.
Movable type printing press made books way more common.
The presence of so many geniuses combined with all the preceeding reasons.
The Humanist approach to learning.*
So, what geniuses?
In chronological order...
Giotto-Early 1300's
Before Giotto, middle ages art was kind of flat, like this...
Giotto painted like this...
Brunelleschi-Early 1400's
He did this
Plus, he came up with linear perspective.
Ghiberti-Early 1400's
He designed these doors,
Donatello-also early 1400's
Fra Angelico-Mid 1400's
Leonardo DaVinci-Late 1400's to early 1500's
painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist and writer
Michelangelo-Early to mid-1500's
painter and sculptor-possibly the greatest ever
Plus the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Leonardo DaVinci-Late 1400's to early 1500's
Botticelli-Also late 1400's to early 1500's
Raphael-early 1500's
Vitruvian Man
The School of Athens
The Birth of Venus
...meanwhile, in the rest of Europe...
Jan van Eyck-early to mid-1400's in the Netherlands
The Arnolfini Portrait
Albrecht Dürer-late 1400's to early 1500's-Holy Roman Empire
Adoration of the Magi
and strangest of all...
Hieronymus Bosch-also late 1400's to early 1500's also in the Netherlands
Venus and Mars
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