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The Gold Sheet

Leveraging our Model

Bill Behn

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of The Gold Sheet

Recruiter Step One
Recruiter Step Two
After the candidate interaction transfer findings to Gold Sheet
Recruiter Step 3
Every Friday give the completed
Gold Sheet to Sales Team
Sales Team Step 1
Once you receive the Gold Sheet from Recruiting:

Cross reference call companies to see if they are in TempWizard already; If they are in TempWizard, make sure they are coded for the right accounting system, industry and location; and make sure they are on your call plan
If they are not already in TempWizard, add them to TempWizard and code them for Industry, Accounting System, any Contacts and Location
Add all calls to your call sheet for next week

Sales Step 2
Once everything has been coded in the system and added to next week's call list:

Make a copy and hand it to your sales counterpart in ERP Sales
The Gold Sheet:
Leveraging our Model
What is the Gold Sheet and how is it used?
During candidate interactions record all
Companies where candidate worked
What ERP Systems they used
What References need checking
Have they ever used Temporary Staffing

The Gold Sheet process is essential for the overall growth of the division and leveraging our VAR 2.0 model

3:1 Leads/Interview Ratio
75% Client Visit Rate on Reference Calls
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