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No description

Amy Swanson

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Monday

Today's lesson in Achieve is about the two party political system we currently have in the USA. The Thought Question is:
"Explain why political parties developed in the U.S. How have political parties influenced the election process? Support your response with information from the lesson."
DON'T turn over your paper when you get it.

The paper asks you to circle the correct homonym.

We will have a copetition to see who can get the most correct in 1 minute.
ELA challenge #1.
Verb forms that don't act like verbs in the sentence.

Achieve 3000
Two parties was no party...
Use the highlighting tool to mark information about
why political parties developed in the U.S. in yellow.
Mark information about
how these parties have influenced the election process in blue.

Any additional
information you find important, mark in green.

When you finish your achieve
you should put your computer away
and read independently until
everyone is finished.
Gerunds-- "-ing" verbs (like "reading") that function as NOUNS in the sentence.

Participles-- "ing" or "ed/en" forms of verbs (the "wrecked" car; the "crying" baby) that function as ADJECTIVES in the sentence.

Infinitives-- "to" forms of the verb ("to swim") that can function as
adjectives, nouns, or adverbs
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