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The Land form Plateau

Julianna Onstott

Jaci Howard

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of The Land form Plateau

What is a Plateau?
A plateau is an elevated part of land, higher than land around it. A plateau is generally level and flat.
How a plateau is formed
A plateau is formed by a process of geological uplift, due to contient plates collieding, or pressure from magma below.

The Land form Plateau
By:Julianna Onstott
A plateau is generally found in desert areas. The largest plateau's are found in mountain areas. The largest plateau is located in Central Asia and is called the Tibetan Plateau.
Where a plateau can be found
Animals and plants
Some animals that live by and on a plateau are the banner- tailed kangeroo, the desert night lizard, and the gunnison sage grouse. Some plants that are on a plateau are the jones cycladenia, and the shultz stickleaf.
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