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The Book Thief: Kindness nd Cruelty

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normann young

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of The Book Thief: Kindness nd Cruelty

The Book Thief: Kindness And Cruelty
The Hubermanns and Liesel all risk their own lives to make sure that max stays alive and doesn’t get caught by the Nazis. Hans’s also takes his time to teach Liesel how to read and write and there’s also the strong friendship between Liesel and Rudy.
The kindest characters are Hans and Liesel. Hans is the kindest because throughout the book it describes selfless acts of kindness like when he gave bread to a jew even though he new the punishment would be harsh. Liesel is the second kindness because of her friendship with max

Throughout the novel “The Book Thief”, the reader comes across many acts of kindness, whether it is a character helping another or saving their belonging. Then there are acts of cruelty, putting others in a state of harm or pain and disallowing any form of understanding or consideration.
Although not a direct character, Hitler has absolutely no consideration towards the pain that he causes. The only thing in his head is that he is angry at a personal problem and they only way to solve it is to create a holocaust and rise with power. Franz Deutscher was the source of many of Rudy’s problems due his habit of solving with violence as well. Also, Viktor, the second leader of the apple stealing group, denies sharing apples with Rudy and Liesel. Then afterwards, beat up Rudy.
Hitler shows no thought toward the mistake he is making and considers the understanding to the pain he’s causing to the Jews and thousands of others not an option.
Because of Hans giving up his seat in the truck after it crashed, he was able to return home to Himmel street. And by Liesel reading out loud to the children in the bomb shelter, that reduced that amount of panic and aided in calming the people. Hitler is the big purpose of Hans, Rudy and Rosa’s deaths with Max’s imprisonment
Goodbye And Thanks For Listening
This has been our presentation on kindness and cruelty in the book thief
By: Normann, Mike, and Cameron
Mrs. Rodriguez
Our observations
Many Jews starved, became ill and
died because of the effects of concentration
camps. That, and that they lost everything
they had, including their shelter, belongings,
friends and family.
The theme of kindness and cruelty applies to us today because society is based off of kind and cruel acts. Child slavery is a cruel act against kids so leader of racialist groups leaders can gain power over others. Kids helping kids is a non-profit organization to help kids against bulling so kids can feel safe.

We believe that the colour
purple best shows this theme
because it can represent fear
and doubt, yet it can represent
care and peace.
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