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eddie ufford

on 18 March 2014

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STEM Ukulele
tech·nol·o·gy--the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems.
CNC Routers (ShopBot & Laguna CNC)
Laser Cutter & Engraver (Rabbit Laser USA RL1290)
SawStop Table Saw
CAD Software (Rhino & Vectric )
en·gi·neer·ing--the work of designing and creating structures or new products or systems by using scientific methods

Use Rhino CAD software design and draw out each ukulele piece in 2D and 3D
Create 3D printed prototype parts.
Customized sound holes.
Jig and Template making.
Laser Cut Kerf Lining.

math·e·mat·ics: the science of numbers, quantities, and shapes and the relations between them.

Scale Length & Fret board calculations
Cost and board footage calculations
Measurements & Tolerances
Music & Scales
Chord Progression
Mathematical secret to a hit song.
sci·ence: a systematic and logical approach to discovering how things work.

uestion: How does an acoustic ukulele generates its sound?

Answer: When the strings on a ukulele vibrate, they transmit their vibrations to the saddle. The saddle transmits its vibrations to the soundboard. The soundboard and body amplify the sound. The sound comes out through the sound hole.

Chadlin Plate Experiment Video
String Wave Video

Chladni Plate Experiment
There is geometry in the humming of the strings. – Pythagoras
Iphone in Guitar
How to Solve a song with Mathematics
Axis of Awesome
The Uku Build
What a Pain in the Neck!
The most difficult of all steps.
Body Development
Top and Bottom Sound Board Development
Building the Neck
The CNC Router is used to cut out the rough neck blanks. Need at least three piece to make the laminated neck. Ideally 2.50 to 2.75" wide.
Dry Fit, Glue & Clamp
Square Up the Neck On the Edge Sander
Use the Neck Profile Template to Layout the Spanish Neck Kerf /14th
Fret Location
Cut the "Spanish" Neck Kerf with a crosscut sled on the Table saw
Nibble Cut the 3D Neck Contour with cross cut sled on the Saw Stop
Layout Lines from Neck Top Template and Cut on the Bandsaw
Shoe-Shine Sanding & Shaping
Yep--More Sanding
Layout & Drill Tuner Holes and Cut Head Stock Design
(Click to Play Video)
(Click to Play Video)
(Click to Play Video)
(Click to Play Video)
(Click to Play Video)
(Click to Play Video)
(Click to Play Video)
Resawing the body strip into .125" thick pieces
Sanding down to .08"
Laser Cut Body Length & Taper
Rhino's Length Command used to find the needed distance.
Layout Bend Lines
Bender Time
24 hours in the forming jig.
The one piece body is unique to our build.
Soak the wood body in water.
One Piece
Book Matched
Hinge Tape Clamp Method
One Piece vs Book Matched
(click to play video)
Less work
Natural look
No joints

Difficult to source 11" wide boards
Greater Cost
More dangerous & difficult to resaw
visually more attractive
symmetry is beautiful
easier to & safer to resaw
can be resawn on a table saw
easier to source 6" wide boards
creative joint development
possible joint failure
needs a reinforcement strip
gluing and clamping

Laser Cut Kerf Lining Stock
Greetings Everyone! Welcome to our Ukulele building workshop.
Caught the talented Ren playing during lunch time.
(Click to Play Video)
Cut the sound board offset
Mask off squeeze out area
Glue the Body to Neck
Glue on Kerf Lining and Tail Block
Finished Ukuleles
Links and other useful information

How to contact us:
David Lake DLake@kibesd.org
Eddie Ufford ed.ufford@rsd.edu

Where to register for the summer Ukulele Building Workshop:

Free STEM Workbook for guitars (ukuleles):

Good DIY Ukulele kit:

Great step by step ukulele building workbook and plans:

Website for Ukulele build:

Wonderful Step by Step Videos from "down under" for Ukulele building:

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