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Self Service

Technology Presentation

Rachel Small

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Self Service

Technology Evolves the Industry Self Service in Technology What is Self Service? Five Questions Self Service is the form of selling customers services by themselves.
(Medlik.S. (2013). Dictionary of Travel Tourism & Hospitality - Third Edition. Kiosk - Hotel How it is applied Video 1 Guanwei Yu
Kazuki Ishii
Rachel Small
Shamim Inamdar
Xingzuho Zhang Testimonial
"I don't have to stand in lines", said the 42-year-old salesman from Liberty, Mo. "I just need to get my stuff and go." NCR:
Transforming the
Traveler Experience Current State/Trends Growth of the technology (future) Testimonial 2 1 Self-service technology cannot be used as a substitute of service," he said. "It has to be used to facilitate service and to give those guests the option if they want it." http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/Articles.aspx/2652/Checking-in-on-self-service-kiosks Target Markets - how will help promote, market sell - Business People
Quick Service
International Travelers
No Language Barriers
Honey Moon Travelers
No Interruptions
Book Groups together in Kiosk Self Service Bag Drop 2 “You can check in with a friend or you can check in with the kiosks,” Dollens said. “You offer guests that option.” http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/Articles.aspx/2652/Checking-in-on-self-service-kiosks 1 2 How is it used in the hospitality and tourism industry? First World Hotel 32 Manual check in counters
Receptionists will promote check-in via kiosk
Customers can use the kiosk as alternative with the use of MyKad, Credit Card or Genting World Card (Genting’s Loyalty Card) to identify guest.
Kiosk are able to offer some room packages Recommendations Allow Choices between Technology and Agents
Add Jobs to the Kiosk area, to provide help with online process
Add Benefits to customers using Kiosk, when it is busy
Keep them aware of changes or additional technology self services
Always be up to date on kiosk services
Stay with a Leading Self-Service Company in Technology (NCR) 1. What is lost with the use of Self-Service?

2. How to make the Kiosk easier for users (Your Opinion)?

3. Who would mainly benefit from Self-Service?

4. How can Self-Service make a difference in Hospitality and Tourism Industry?

5.What type of Industry needs to use Kiosk to keep business going? Butler.C.A.(2011,January,20). Hotels waking up to self-service. Retrieved from http://www.selfserviceworld.com/article/178920/Hotels-waking-up-to-self-service This is a touch screen interface with a check-In/Out booking.
Assign rooms to the customers
Issue a room key
Sell few room packages
Make sure rooms in bulk are close together Service Cards - Wine Station Mobile - Airport Elimination of Agent
Reduce Labor Cost
Quick & Quiet Service
Independence Savsani.T.(2012,October,4).Passengers using Self Service Bag Drop at Brisbane Domestic Airport - 003. Choose your Service Tablets Customer interactions,
use, ease iPad Kiosk and Mobile Apps "Prediction 2013" Kiosk Market Place
"We'll see the continuing convergence of kiosks and mobile applications," Lynch said. "Kiosks will continue to be the touchpoint for transactions, while mobile allows the user to access from anywhere, with an increased emphasis on providing a consistent customer experience between the two."
Interactive Digital Signage AccuServe Smartcard Technology
provide insights on your products, customers, staff and sale.
used in multiple sites and locations.
Types of cards: Stardard, Pre-Paid Quick, Tab, Time, Premier, Gift, Authorized Employee, and Manager
Another type of Cards with customers are standard card that counts down and receives Customer Contact Info. http://resortsworldgenting.blogspot.ca/2010/06/first-world-hotel-self-check-in-kiosk.html http://www.napatechnology.com/productoverview_accuservesmartcard.html NCR - Internet on Mobile Necessary
Check-In Flight
Manage day of travel Services NCR Key Components
App - Check-In, Flight Status, Reserve hotel room (BlackBerry,IPhone, Android & Smart Phone)
Pass - secure 2D, 1ATAA-complain bar code with passenger details on Mobile phone
Mobile Bar Code compatible with airport-scanning equipment
Web - supports flight Check-in/Status, Boarding pass retrieval and different travel functions http://www.ncr.com/products-and-services/self-service/travel/airlines-and-airports/ncr-mobile-for-airlines http://blog.mokimobility.com/kiosk-series-tablets-and-self-service-kiosks/228 "Loyalty program signup and access.
Airline checkin and boarding pass printing.
Maps, directions, and area information.
Room key encoding and dispensing.
Check-in, check-out and room selection". Top 5 - Uses of Kiosk Tablet http://resortsworldgenting.blogspot.ca/2010/06/first-world-hotel-self-check-in-kiosk.html Pahang, Malaysia Airports Tablet Kiosk has seen a boon with the building of enclosures, stands, and software to tablet products and IPad into a self-service customer interaction with Technology.
IPad and Tablet based Kiosks instead of PC-based Kiosks
Mobile Self-Service has changed with Mobile apps for self-checkout, payments, mapping, and wayfinding. http://www.selfserviceworld.com/article/205279/The-year-of-the-tablet-Top-kiosk-trends-of-2012-Pt-I?rc_id=312 December 13, 2012 - Natalie Gagliordi *Airports depend on Kiosk too* http://www.kioskmarketplace.com/article/205929/The-kiosk-crystal-ball-Predictions-for-2013 Self-Service Kiosk is easy to use in Airports especially for Air Canada with a 12 hour grace period prior to departure
Select - Seats, Request – Upgrades, Early Departure, or same day change, Pay – extra fees, and Enter – Aeroplan, Passport Information, and check in bags Print or EmailElectronic Boarding Pass on MobileLast Minute Upgrades (If Eligible)
These check-in are availiable for groups up to 9 at a time consisting of 3 check-ins for 27 passengers. http://www.aircanada.com/en/travelinfo/airport/expresscheckin/#faq:1-0-* http://www.aircanada.com/en/travelinfo/airport/expresscheckin/#faq:1-0-* Check-In
Flight Status
Choose Seats
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