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Schoolyard Ecology

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andre morris

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of Schoolyard Ecology

Schoolyard Ecology Time Frame
Activity 1:Exploring the Schoolyard Study Area (45-60 minutes)
Activity 2: Finding and Observing Spiders (45-60 minutes)
Activity 3:Discovering Animal Communities (two 45-60 minute sessions)
Activity 4: Tracking Ants (one or two 45-60 minute sessions)
Activity 5:Special Study Sites (45-60 minutes) Activity 1

What living things might be present in this schoolyard? Where do you think the warmest parts of the schoolyard might be?

Where do you think the coolest parts of the schoolyard might be? What other factors are important to living things besides warmth and coolness? Sunlight Moisture Cover Challenge:
Find the top 3 sunniest/shadiest areas
Find the top 3 wettest/driest areas
Find the top 3 covered/open areas Food for thought:
How do you think time of day might affect some of the marks?

If we go back out to study the area tomorrow, where do you think we'll find the most insects? The least? Why? What critters have been here? How do you know? We all know spiders are nature's way of controlling that pesky insect population. Don't be fearful of me Please!! Let's go spider hunting!!! But how can I tell what kind of spider I'm looking at? Where were the greatest amount of spiders?

What environmental factors seem to influence spiders? Activity 4
Ant Challenges! Observe an ant trail and record what you see. Road Block!!
Gently put something across the ant trail. What do the ants do? ? Carefully use a leaf or stick to move an ant from the ant trail. What does she do? Put a small amount of food near the trail and observe. What happens?
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