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The Great Depression

No description

Olivia Duwa

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of The Great Depression

The Great Depression
The Great Depression was a scary worldwide economic downturn. Which was when the stocks fell. The Great Depression had maddening affects in countries rich, and poor.
What is The Great Depression

It happened when the stocks fell. Then people started to lose their jobs, houses, and some family members. They also started to get sad and depressed.
How did the Great Depression occur?
The Dust Bowl And The Okies
The people ran out of resources to get gold and that is how silver, metal, and copper became a thing.
The Gold Standard
the Dust Bowl was located had to
move away.They decided to move
to California because they would be able to plant, and crop all year round, they would also get more money buy working in the fields. The Okies got named after where they live which is Oklahoma.

The Dust Bowl came because of the dryness/drought of a few years when it didn't barely rain. The people that lived where the dust hb

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