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Unpacking a Standard

No description

Nate Binzen

on 13 December 2015

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Transcript of Unpacking a Standard

Unpacking a Standard:
The “big idea(s)” in the standards:
The Christian faith has experienced challenges from within
These difficulties have had an effect on the evolution of the church

...that would reveal to me that the students are learning the knowledge and developing the skills identified in the two standards:
The course
I have chosen two standards from a course I will be teaching in the spring:

History of Christianity II: Reformation to the Present

College-level course
Taught to prison inmates

About the Standards
The program is currently in the process of getting accredited as standards-based, and the standards I have chosen are being jointly developed by curriculum staff and faculty.

I chose one standard that addresses comprehension of a broad knowledge area, and another that addresses an academic skill set...

Skills that students should develop in meeting the standards:
be able to recognize a complex set of phenomena that comprise “internal struggles”
be able to recognize tangible historical effects of the “internal struggles”
engage in scholarly research
engage in scholarly writing
The Standards
"be able to recognize how Christianity’s internal struggles have impacted the church"

"be able to engage in scholarly research and writing to produce a paper discussing an important person, event, or doctrine that influenced the course of Christianity since the Reformation"

by Nate Binzen
Goals to Guide the Curriculum
“...how Christianity’s internal struggles have impacted the church...”
An in-class
“Socratic Dialogue”
in which we seek to arrive at a consensus answer to a relevant question, such as:
What is the most important legacy of the Pietist option?
Has ecumenism been an effective response to denominational fracture? Is it a project that should be pursued?

A one-page
reflection paper
on the question:
Describe a way in which the institution of slavery affected the course of Christianity in America.
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