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Love of Reading.....

No description

LaResha Martin

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Love of Reading.....

My Mommy and Daddy!
My parents are my motivation.....

-Mother: Raised by a single parent, started at Kaiser as a clerk; moved up in the ranks and was told to go back to school.

-Father: Raised by a single mother; moved from Arkansas and met my mother. Cried all the time because he couldn't find a job with little education.
My Inspiration
Mrs. Wetherell loved the way I wrote and read.
Encouraged me to read all the time
Asked me to run for school editor of the newspaper.
Decided "English" was my passion/Reading.
Got into education/English was my major.
Started teaching in Catholic School.
Quickly realized I wanted to give back in a different way-Students who didn't have access. Decided to apply to be a Principal in Urban Districts.
Started as Principal in 2008 at Hoover Elementary.
My Babies
Parents wanted more for me and refused to put me in public education. Public education from K-12th
Parents then moved me from an all black school 98% to one that was 98% white.
LaResha Martin
Love of Reading.....
Felt I was not getting a quality education.
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