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No description

Amy Thompson

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of CATS

Why cats, right?
Elvis the cat
Meet Elvis.
The fattest cat in the world.

Huge, right?
The fattest cat in the world?

Besides a cat that isn't related to wildcats, the largest breed of that that isn't a tiger/lion is a savannah cat

If you want to live with a sweet, quiet lap cat, don’t get a Savannah. This is an active, adventurous feline who enjoys life in the fast lane. Their athletic body allows them to jump to very high places and thoroughly explore their surroundings. This is a confident, alert, curious, and friendly cat!

Worlds Largest Breed Of Cat
Elvis and his beloved owner
Elvis tips the scales at 38.5lbs - the same as a healthy three-year-old boy

Elvis, a seven-year-old shorthair from Dortmund, Germany, weighs 38.5lbs

He is obese and can only waddle a few steps before needing to take a rest

More about Elvis...
Amy Thompson
Elvis and his beloved owner
And more...
Worlds Largest Breed Of Cat
The Maine Coon is actually the largest breed of cat IN THE WORLD - That aren't related to wild cats.

The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed that does not have a recent ancestral relationship to wild cats.

They are personable and friendly without being overly demanding, and can weigh from 10-15lb for females and 15-25lb for males.

A beautiful Maine Coon!
This is a Sphynx cat, the ugliest breed of cat in the world.

With its gaunt, angular face, alien-like eyes and uncanny, chamois-like skin, this nearly hairless kitty is often characterized as ugly, creepy, or even evil.
Ugliest Breed Of Cat
I know what you're thinking - a crazy cat lady doing a presentation about what she loves most.

This presentation will show you so many weird and wonderful facts about cats. From the oldest cat in the world to the ugliest cat in the world, you won't be unimpressed!
Elvis is now on a very strict no carb diet

He has to take insulin 2 times a day because of his diabetes

How precious!

Isn't he just so adorable?
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