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5 City Tour!

Speech Class 4 Hour 5 City Tour

Mereiah McConico

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of 5 City Tour!

Dodge city, Kansas Coffeyville, Kansas On Oct. 5, 1892 while four gang members died, Emmet Dalton survived 23 gun shots. This was the end of the Dalton Gang. By: Mereiah McConico My 5 Cities In Kansas Goodland City, Kansas The population: around 4,530
The distance:405mi. or 5H,and 45min. The population: Around 29,900
distance from KCK: 374mi. or 5H,and about 45 min. When the land was first seen there were no trees at all anywhere! WOW!
The Garden City ditch helped this land to launch an agricultural boom in south western Kansas. SCOTT CITY, KANSAS Dalton Gang population: around 10,500 people.
distance from KCK: 168 miles or about 3 hours It was founded in 1869 as a trading post by James A. Coffey.
North of Coffeyville is the Coffeyville Country Club. You could go see the veteran's memorial stadium.
you could also go see the rodeos and interstate fairs. The population: around 28,000
The distance from KCK: 349 mi. or 5h. and about 30 min. The settlement from people were from Fortmann.
Henry J. Silter built a sod house to oversee west of dodge of his cattle in the region. Things To Do:
You could go to the Boot Hill Casino and Resort.
Boot Hill Museum and Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame. The population: around 3,800
Distance from KCK: 385mi., or 5H and about 45 min. Scott City was found by the rail road in 1880.
Scott City was named after J. B. Scott Mr. Martin Begnaud opened the state and named it in 1881. Things To-Do:
You could go see the Lee Richardson Zoo.
You could also go see the Carson and Barnes Circus In 1886 there were four communities all vying to become country seats for Sherman Country, Itasca, Voltaire, Sherman Center and Eustis.
A man named Clark showed up in the country in 1887 proposing to create a new town to settle and to dispute.
And so the new town was named Goodland. Sherman country Itasca Voltaire Sherman center Eustis Itasca Waters Garden City, Kansas The land was a loose sandy loam covered with sage brush. Things to see and places to visit: MY 5 CITY TOUR BEGINS NOW
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